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Greetings from WarSeer + an Idea on constructing fluff for the Medusa V campaign
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Greetings from WarSeer + an Idea on constructing fluff for the Medusa V campaign

Greetings fellow Tau!

On our boards Faolin posted this message and we think it is a good idea so I suggest spreading it to the other Tau boards and getting the ball rolling:
"I, and several other Tau from across the Internet (Shas'O Lenzabi among them) have been talking on AIM, trying to do the same thing you are. Organise the Tau for this campaign. We've come up with a system that we think will work, but as we are few in number, need YOUR support to make it happen. We want all Tau leaders speaking with one voice on this one.

One of the most important factors in this campaign will be the fluff we attach to our battle reports. As such, I believe the Tau will be much stronger if we ALL write towards a common goal. To this end, our group has come up with a few "Operation names" that describe an objective that the Tau might want to use as the campaign goes on. Eg, the defense of the etheric scanners could be "Operation Horoscope". We write a large piece of fluff on the defense of the scanners. Then, we tell everyone to make a reference to "Operation Horoscope" in whatever fluff they write. We also make other Operation names for secondary objectives. For example, conscripting (I meant "liberating" of course) Imperial civilians we come across. We can direct the actions of the Tau community by which Operation names we post up. When Games Workshop sees all of us working towards exactly the same idea, they will be almost compelled to write our idea into their updates.

This system also will allow many of the more casual Tau players to make a more meaningful contribution to this campaign. Those who are too lazy to write fluff of their own can still take part in ours. If we pull this off, I believe we will have a real advantage over the other races. "

So far there has been little in the way of naming the operations other than some not very interesting ones so if someone with a good imagination could come up with a good idea for names of say refugee rescue projects and the other secondary objectives or even each player who is participating in this idea comes up with their own names for the objectives using Tau Lexicons and the such.
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Default Re: Greetings from WarSeer + an Idea on constructing fluff for the Medusa V campaign

Welcome to the forums!

I think it is a good idea for us to maintain a basic list of names, places, and events to keep us consistent. Since we are trying to integrate work done on a lot of different forums, I would guess that it would be easiest for an individual to set up identical copies of the same thread on different forums and then keep them updated as the official and unofficial fluff changes.
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Default Re: Greetings from WarSeer + an Idea on constructing fluff for the Medusa V campaign

nooooo its to risky what if one of the people deciding tacts cacks up
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Default Re: Greetings from WarSeer + an Idea on constructing fluff for the Medusa V camp

First of all, I think that it is a good idea and it works well with the whole Tau theme of the Greater Good.

Second of all, Minor Marc, start spell checking or typing your posts more slowly. This is the second one I have read today and you typing skills make me want to punch my monitor.
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Default Re: Greetings from WarSeer + an Idea on constructing fluff for the Medusa V camp

Sounds good, and I've already contributed a short on Warseer . Does anyone know if GW is going to open another forum like they did for EOT? If so, then we'll all have a place set up where information can be easily gathered and shared, and it should make logistics easier.
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Default Re: Greetings from WarSeer + an Idea on constructing fluff for the Medusa V campaign

And as a way of pushing forward with an example, here's the one I put up on warseer:

----Transmission Received-----

Author: Kor’O’Rem'ne
Producer: Por'el Er'iwl
Title: Forward- Kor'vattra Medusa
Priority: Important

Recipient: Aun’T’Pel

Greetings Blessed One,

A messaged was communed for you earlier today. We have sifted it's contents and deem them worthy of your strict attention. It reads as follows

"Blessed One,

As you are no doubt aware, the bulk of our force Kor'vattra Medusa is remaining in the holding zone at the outer limits of the Medusa Syste. Here we have been able to monitor, with admirable safety, events in the system. A number of situations have arisen which I feel deserve the attention.

1- Pirate and anti-commerce attacks have increased exponentially in recent Kai'rotaa. There have been numerous attacks upon fleeing refugee vessels and non-combatants seeking to leave the system. Many of these are passing in close proximity to the bulk of our forces. With our fleet hanging in the vastness of the void waiting to heed the extraction call of the Fio, Shas and Auxilliaries planetside on Medusa V, it remains virtually unused.
Specifically I propose we deploy our rapid response Qath'Fannor forces consisting of Il'Porrui, Lar'shi'vre and Kir'shash'vre starships against any aggressors in the region. Maintain neutrality, we specifically move against any combatants attacking vessels that are fleeing the system, be the refugee ships or resource transports. It should be noted that the following vessels are to be viewed as combatants at all times:
Tyr'Malas Vessels [Note: A proposal from my Fio'el Advisor hypothesises that some of these vessels may be akin to prison ships mass transporting captured beings, it is as yet undeveloped, but we should bare this in mind]
Y'he Living Constructs
Ores'la Warships
They should not approached unless the situation is unavoidable, or they are moving against another target deemed worthy of our protection.

2- With the bulk of our forces tied up awaiting the call to oversee extraction of our Fio, Shas and Auxilliary fellows on the planet of Medusa V, it is noted that there are many non-combatants still upon Medusa. Many that wish to leave the system. I propose, on verdict of discussion within the Shan'al, that our forces be deployed to facilitate the evacuation of said non-combatants.
Following this: I suggest that, when the time is right to reveal our strength, we deploy a force of reserve Kor and Shad Cadres to oversee swift evacuation of those seeking aid as determined by the Por and Fio. For this duty, a portion of Il'Porrui class starships would serve best. Though many of my colleagues dispute this suggestion, I feel it pertinant to consider the deployment of our Or'res El'leath Class Command Ships.
Though an immense risk on our part, we cannot forsake the otherwise helpless beings on the groundside. Though it is not my place, I am certain of this: though we risk much ourselves, as servants of the Tau'va, the price of not deploying these vessels would be a cost too high for the Greater Good.
To clarify: I do not propose we commit the bulk of our forces in either or both situations. Though our Lar'shi contingent would escort as many of our vessels as possible, we would not reduce our the strength of the Kor'vattra around our HQ below that sufficient to evacuate both the ground forces and personell of ours on Medusa, and the HQ Orbitals and waystations themselves.

3- Many essels observed in the Medusa V system are of remarkably familiar design. We have observed, with exceptional accuracy, a high portion of Tyr'Malas vessels. Typically their stellar forces are almost untraceable, but the magnitude of their operation here is almost akin to that witness many Tau'cyr ago in the N'Dras system.
In addition, as my superiors will have relayed, we have recieved additional reinforcements for the Kor'vattra Medusa. Remarkably, we have over a half dozen brotherhoods of Bentu'sin spread throughout the system, with reports coming in that such a commcercial might is attracting other less reputable mercenaries. Amongst them, it is rumoured, are the rogue kindreds of Kroot, those outlawed from Pech under the terms of the seccession to the Tau'va and over a dozen assorted vessels and transports belonging to Tarellian Mercenaries.
It is my humble opinion, though the Por and Fio will have attained a more learned perspective, that we should endeavour to treatise and trade with as many of these mercantile peoples as possible. At very least they could provide numbers in the face of any aggressors that move against us.

4- Finally, many anomalous readings have been recorded outwith the viscinity of the Etheric Anomaly itself. Though these are principally relayed directly to the Fio'ar'tol on the HQ Orbitals, we have detected an unnaccounted for Bentu'sin cutter. It entered the system an an immense speed from an unrecorded interstellar transfer point. It has been witnessed moving at high speed towards the stationary holding zone some distance from the bulk of stellar forces in the viscinity of Medusa V. It would appear that they have communed with no other Bentu'sin vessels in the mean time, and have displayed no attempts at communicating with any othe vessels in the area. Within the last Rotaa, a second unrecorded Bentu'sin vessel, closely matching the 'Stronghold' profile, entered our scanner network range and seems to be moving on an intersecting course. In the time since, the second vessel has begun distributing a mass of ordnance that appears to be approaching vessels and stations of every race in the system. It is unclear their intent.

Blessed One, this is, as ever, my humble opinion as a servant of the Tau'va. I seek soley that these matters be considered for presentation to the Shan'al, if nothing more."

Should you, Blessed One, wish to present these matters to the Shan'al on behalf of O'Rem'ne, I have a staff contingent prepared to gather the assorted data packets and auxilliary resources require to formalise them, simply say the words and we shall begin at once. If there is nothing else,

I bid that the Tau'va would prosper within you.

It should show you the direction we seem to be approaching. {I haven't been reprimanded by those AIM-Conclavers, so presumably it's okay}

"Never! The bandwagon will leave without us!"
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Greetings from WarSeer + an Idea on constructing fluff for the Medusa V campaign

----Transmission Received-----

Author:ShasO Kar'Vor Or’Es M’Yen Kauyo
Title:Target Priority
Priority: Important

Recipient:Aun'O Y'Eldi Kais

Greetings blessed one

Recent observations of enemy activity by our Pathfinders has allowed me to calculate the strength of their forces and their likeliness to attack. The most likely attack to come against us is by the Imperium they have violently refused to consider a cease-fire while we research the warp and have displayed they have no willingness to start diplomatic discussions by summarily killing every probe and emmissary sent. The next greatest threat would be that of Chaos for the moment they are under a Non-aggression pact with us but I severly doubt this will hold, dear Blessed One I suggest we still mantain a strong defence in areas close to the Mont'au forces as a just in case measure. The next greatest threat would be Eldar, I know they are unlikely to attack us but if they see we are in anyway stopping them from acheivng their goal they will strike out for fear of us or an evil getting hold of the Webway Portal (note: I suggest research into these powerful gates it is rumoured that it is a way of entering the Warp without need of psycers which could aid us in our plans to transverse it). The Orks are a voracious lot and will attack us swiftly after the campaign has started in full they have been one of our greatest enemies since we expnaded to Tau'N so I advise using lightning strikes to take out their Warlords as this seems to destabilise their actions alot. The Tyranids are a major threat to us also they have great numbers and are going to strike at anything and everything to assimilate their DeathLeaper. The Necrons are next dangerous as they are very likely to want to Harvest as much as possible research into these automaticans has been difficult as I understand not many have awoken from their sleep yet. Now the Dark Eldar are the least dangerous to us in terms of man-power they have little or no men in most areas and are unlikely to cause much pain unless they are properly focused by a sufficent leader of strength but I think taking out the Arcons of these Kabals will hinder any strikes at us.

Edethor Sector- Tau Command Post

Here's my contribution to the WarSeer forums.
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Default Re: Greetings from WarSeer + an Idea on constructing fluff for the Medusa V camp

Author: Shas' O Kal' Dath Or' es L' en' za' Bi
subject:Overview of Objectives
Recipient: Aun' O T' Pel

Greetings revered one, After studying the data and Intel reports, I see that we will need both static and fluid defenses to guard the Etheric Scanners. I advocate that any enemy forces moving towards us may have to have their supply lines cut, and then destroyed as isolated pockets. We have superiority to maybe all other factions except the Tyr Mala and the Y'He in the desert as we rely on so little water. I do not believe that simply sitting back will be an option allowed to us in this endeavor. In fact, I believe the Imperials will seek to hunt down the scanners, and destroy them! We cannot allow this! whilst some will seek to be close to , and protect the scanners, I and several other commanders will look to harrass and destabilize the enemy in our areas, I myself will be leading the Kal' Dath 1021st Battle in the Hydra sector, after we attain area superiority, then we can move to achieving secondary goals and dismantling other hostile projsects in our respective sectors, or, if possible, assist our brethren in other sectors, such as Perseus.

Our Kla' Dath Kor' vattra will be there to swell the ranks of the Kor'Vattra at M'dusa V already, and assist in anyway we can, having experience in rescue and anti Imperial navy operations.

For the Tau' Va!

And here was my first such contribution.
Medusa V: All Cadres Needed!http://advancedtautactica.com/viewtopic.php?t=1091
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Default Re: Greetings from WarSeer + an Idea on constructing fluff for the Medusa V camp

you can use this if you want http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=12561.0

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Default Re: Greetings from WarSeer + an Idea on constructing fluff for the Medusa V campaign

As I've said elsewhere, we're working on something to help with the organisation of forces etc, watch the announcements board

Originally Posted by bongo the orangutan
Not exactly sure how that relates to this..
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