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Farsight or Shadowsun for a Mech Tau army?
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Old 18 May 2006, 03:46   #1 (permalink)
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Default Farsight or Shadowsun for a Mech Tau army?

i need to know; who is better farsite or shadow sun Huh

1st we have good old farsite....
hes good in combate
he can be joined by up to 7 crisist battle suits
he can incress the W.S of other units
he gives every one free bonding knifes
his army gets the "ork fighter" rule (what ever it dose?)

but the bad news is...
fiarsite is a "brake away faction" so his numbers are limited
you still have to take a normal comander

question is, is he worth the 170pts

2nd we have the new chick on the block, comander shadow sun

the good news is....
she has new exsperomental equipmant
2 fussion blasters that can shoot at diffrent targets
she has 2 shild drones
a 4+ invonrable save
a comand link drone
stelth shild genorator
she conts as the +1 comander

but the bad news is...
her guns are short ranged
she is exspencive
she can't infultrate or deep strike
she can't be given exstra stuff

so tell me witch one is better Huh i am curently running a meck tau army and also need to know wicth one should i take Huh

so far i have...

2 full fier warrior squads in devil fisshes, path finders, shas'o comander with 2 body gards, full drone squad, 1 prana, hammer head, broad side battle suit, 4 stelthy's and a sniper drone team...

so what can you recomend ??? farsite or shadow sun 8)
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Default Re: farsite or shadow sun for meck tau army?

Oh man theres a lot wrong here. First off its Farsight. He no longer increases WS but rather grants Ork Fighter which gives the preferred enemy rule against orks. His limiting can be a bit tough for mech but it can be worked around. A HH, a Skyray, and drones seem fine. He also works well with FoF if he and his bodyguards are protected and have a good config.

Shadowsun honestly has little business in a mech army. Not because she is useless but rather because her command drone can be more effectively used in a static army.

If you really must use a Special Character then I'd choose Farsight (and I do!).
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Default Re: farsite or shadow sun for meck tau army?

Well.... let me make it simple. They both suck....both a waste of points...and you will need your opponents consent to use them.

Farsight sucks becuase of the breakaway faction and his high point cost. For 170 points...he sure is no Carnifex. But then again...hes about the only option for decent CC abilities. His retinue of 7 Crisis is a bit extreme. Its a sweet idea, but I wouldent do it.

Shadowsun sucks becuase she has short range weapons that are made for killing tanks or Termies. She cant infiltrate or deepstrike. In otherwords...she might never get to use her weapons on the things that you would want to kill. Im not sure how much she costs...but Im sure she is a waste of points as well.

If I were to pick which one is better.......I have no clue. Just dont use them. I will try them out sometime. But only for the sake of "Trying them out".
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Default Re: farsite or shadow sun for meck tau army?

Neither needs consent. Both only need the required points to be used.
Farsight is definitely the better option.
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Default Re: Farsight or Shadowsun for a Mech Tau army?

In a true Mech Army, taking Farsight would be very difficult. His selection restrictions mean that almost all of your anti-tank needs are going to need to be handled by Crisis suits. Mech lists are also generally hurting for scoring units, so sinking a lot of points into an expensive Independent Character might be the wrong way to go. Both Farsight and Shadowsun work pretty well in static and hybrid armies, but I would not use either in a Mech Tau list.
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Default Re: Farsight or Shadowsun for a Mech Tau army?

I use Shadowsun in Mech armies because she is really quite the bargain if you do the points value for her. Also after her success of destroying a mechanized SM company by herself, she deserves some credit. (Lucky dice rolls also, ha) Anyhow, I like her for the moral boost and usually give her a bodyguard group of Stealthsuits, which is always pretty kick ***, heh. BTW, does anyone know if she can join units? she is an indepedent character but says she can't join with her drones or something of the sort?

Anyhow, i'd recommend Shadowsun based purely off the success she has provided for me, but its purely your decisions. Maybe you should proxy them in battles and decide, which one (if either) you like over the course of 5-10 games. Hmmm?
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Default Re: Farsight or Shadowsun for a Mech Tau army?

Can you spell wernejo? I checked your profile and you are 16, surely nobody spells like that at 16? unless your doing it to look cool and I HATE people who do that!!

Anyway I would never take farSIGHT or 'non deep-striking fusion girl' as they are both pretty useless, unless, it seems, you are komrade khaki, hats off to you for actualy wining with 'non deep-striking fusion girl'. The only one worse than them is stephen hawking in a floating wheelchair etheral.

Take neither.

(but if you must, take farsight)
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lonely tau
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Default Re: Farsight or Shadowsun for a Mech Tau army?

oh god the lack of correcly spelled words just sickens me :sadnshocked: now onto the topic. i would use Farsight in a Mech Tau army if i was going to use any special characters. you have to look at it like this, Shadowsun endows no benefits accept the drone for LD and thats all. in Farsight i can have bonding for ne extra cost. slong with that it is easier to find out the kind of heavy support you want in a farsight army
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