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Vehicle Weapons and Drones Questions
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Default Vehicle Weapons and Drones Questions

My latest pet project is experimenting with the myriad of options for vehicles, especially concerning those with Gun Drones. Checking the FAQ we have started, it didn't look like it had answers to these questions yet. Please help if you know the answer (and give references if you have them).


1. What firing arcs do you use for the weapons on Tau vehicles?
A. SMS and seekers are easy, they hit anywhere
B. Railgun / Ion Cannon / Skyray ML's are easy, they are on a 360 degree turret
C. What about Piranaha cannons (burst and fusion)?
D. What about Devilfish Chin Guns (burst cannons)?
E. What about Hammerhead/Skyray Burst Cannons?
F. What about attached Gun Drones?

2. The only part about attached gun drones I could find in the codex was on page 30. Looking for other information, even about infantry firing from vehicles in the main 40k book just left me more confused. The following questions relate to attached Gun Drones shooting at things...
A. Do Gun Drones follow the limitations for vehicle secondary weapons firing? As a specific example, can a Gun Drone fire if a Piranah moves it's full 24"?
B. Are gun drones affected by the vehicle's Target Locks in any way? Can a vehicle with target lock fire at three different targets if it has a burst cannon and two gun drones attached, or do the gun drones need to fire at the "unit's target"?
C. Do attached gun drones need to make target priority tests?
D. Gun drones fire at their own BS, which can be different from the vehicle. If a markerlight is used to guide a vehicle's weapons, and you choose to give the vehicle +1 BS, do the attached drones also get +1 to their BS also? How exactly does that work then?

And finally, I know there was a thread concerning Gun Drones forced disembarkation due to a penetrating hit for a piranah squadron. The scenario was, if one ship in a squadron is penetrated, do all the drones in the squadron disembark automatically and make a pinning check? What was the concensus on this topic...I didn't get it.

Thanks all!

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Default Re: Vehicle Weapons and Drones Questions

The way I play, turret weapons are 360 degree. The front burst cannon is a 90 degree arc as portrayed in the BBB. Jury is out on the drones. I would think SMS is 360 as the missiles are guided.

It is one of my issues with 40K, though. Absolutely no illustration or standard for vehicle fire arcs.
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Default Re: Vehicle Weapons and Drones Questions

C - it is stated these are hull mounted, meaning 90 degrees.

Edit - I don't see this in the rulebook on further review. Use the actual range of motion! W00t!

D - 180 degrees. It's not hull mounted or a turret, so it just goes where it can, which is very near 180 degrees.
E - Nearly 360 degrees. I don't let them shoot back through the hull of the hammerhead...
F - Same E.

Edit: Didn't see the drone questions.

Drones fire as part of the vehicle. They only count as passengers if the vehicle is damaged, not for any shooting purposes. Since they use their own BS, the Targetting array can't affect them, but they are secondary weapons on the vehicle, so all other upgrades do.

On the other hand is the markerlight situation. I'd say that the burst AND drone BS are both improved, but this is getting out onto thin ice. I don't really know and I'm sure there's no concrete answer.
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Default Re: Vehicle Weapons and Drones Questions

c. Is their anything in the BGB specific about hull mounted weapons, I'd say it has a 180 arc, its not a fixed weapon like a basilisk cannon.
d. 180 arc IMO, as that's the closest arc it can get too, its definitely not a fixed weapon (90 arc)
e. 360, they can actually move all the way around, and that's what counts.
f. 360 too

a. Yes they follow the limitation, "may fire as part of the vehicle...in addition to any other weapons that would be permitted to fire", if the vehicle can't fire, the drones have nothing to add their fire too.
b. They fire as part of the vehicle, so yes, they gain that benefit.
c. No, they fire as part of the vehicle, to do otherwise would be like giving the vehicle a free target lock.
d. Yes, they are part of the vehicle, so they gain the benefit, just like how every member of a unit would gain the benefit (when firing at the marked unit).

Don't remember the argument about the piranha, but they'd all have to bail out. pg.31 " All gun drones on a vehicle or in a Piranha squadron must disembark at the same time"
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Default Re: Vehicle Weapons and Drones Questions

I give gun drones 360-degree arc, since they spin that way and "skimmers never block LOS". Same for Burst Cannons in that position.
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Default Re: Vehicle Weapons and Drones Questions

Originally Posted by heliodorus04
I give gun drones 360-degree arc, since they spin that way and "skimmers never block LOS". Same for Burst Cannons in that position.

I disagree. The skimmers not blocking LOS is specifically meant to apply to other models trying to shoot around the skimmer. If in doubt, get close to your DF/HH model, traverse the drones or burst cannon, and see what they can actually have LOS to. I know that this has been discussed before, and I think that the conclusion was that a drone or burst cannon in the cradle would have a firing arc of approximately 270 degrees, covering from straight behind to majority of the frontal arc. The DF/HH body will physically block the remaining 90 degrees of the circle. This is still very good, given the physical makeup of the Hammerhead chassis.

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