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Kroot Shaper
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Default conversions

can anybody tell me the simplist way to turn a devilfish into a hammerhead and what is better for talking out the enemys armour ? xv88 or hammerhead?

> Sucicde >
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Default Re: conversions

Try a forum search next time its on the conversions board right up with the stickies, cant miss it:

And as for your question the Broadside is probably king in terms of sheer killing power against armor but the Ion cannon is better for lighter tanks and skimmers and the Railhead is also multi purpose. The Hammerhead is the way to go for speed but the Broadside has power. Its up to personal style in the end usually.

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Default Re: conversions

Originally Posted by Suicide
can anybody tell me the simplist way to turn a devilfish into a hammerhead and what is better for talking out the enemys armour ? xv88 or hammerhead?

> Sucicde >
vash113 is right, but why not buy a skyray? it has all the parts for a skyray, hammerhead and devilfish(i read it on another thread somewhere on this site...)

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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: conversions

i'de say braodside, but then again i love the smell of a firework show at night.
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Default Re: conversions

i'd say hammerhead, more mobile and more weapon fits

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Default Re: conversions

Well for enemy armour there are any number of weapons and units available to take out enemy armour.

Fusion Blaster: The fusion blaster is effective against all armour and when in 6" of the vehicle it role 2D6 making it a very effective weapon in all cases. On Stealth's its expensive when considering that if that unit is the anti-armour unit it might be minimized making it a 92 point anti-tank unit. While a Crisis with TL Fusion and a flamer is a mere 47 points. So if you want to save points in small games then take the sunforge, because it is effective, quick, and cheap.

Seekers: On our Fish or Hammerheads they are an upgrade but each vehicle can only take two. The Skyray can take six and fire them off with it's markerlights. It has the same strength as the fusion but with out the 2D6 when in 6". One highlight is that a FW team with 'ui upgrade, markerlight and HWtarget lock can get some fire support against the tank coming at the squad. This is a great use of the Seeker because it needs no LOS to fire and has unlimited range covering the entire board. Pretty good for a 10 point weapon even if it's one use.

Railguns: These are the bane of our enemies and ourselves existence. For are enemy because it is S 10 AP 1 making it able to wound and crack ever model and vehicle in the game. It is horrible for us because it is a 50 point weapon on a 90 point tank. 'nuff said. The Rail gun also has a great range of 6 feet making almost the entire board a target. The Railhead has the optional Submition which is against hordes not armour so no more on that but it is great. If you're too cheep for the Railhead then but some Broadsides to fill in the gap.

Ion cannon: This is a very mice weapon with a good rate of fire and high strength to wound anything and damage all but the toughest vehicles. This weapon is very good against transports and lighter armoured targets but can glance the AV13 vehicles. I haven't seen it taken allot in my gaming group but when it has been taken it makes it's points back, which I might add are very small.

Missile Pods: Deathrains are lethal to all transports except the Landraider because that thing is ridiculous. With a nice range of 36" it makes a good support weapon for the troops and keeps assault troops at a distance which is good for the limited combat abilities of the Tau. Same points as the Sunforge 47.

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