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Is a Devilfish a troop choice
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Default Is a Devilfish a troop choice

OK, I know that this question might have come up before, but I thought I saw on GW's own site that a Devilfish is not a dedicated transport. Is this correct or not? I'm thinking it's a transport upgrade for a squad, but...
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Default Re: Is a Devilfish a troop choice

Nope, a Devilfish is not a troops choice, it is a transport. Transports take up no slot on the FOC.
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Default Re: Is a Devilfish a troop choice

We had arguments about this before. The conclusion is that DF ARE dedicated transports.
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Default Re: Is a Devilfish a troop choice

Question definately has come up before.. and can be located with a forum search.

The Devilfish is definately a dedicated transport. It even says "Transport" beside it's army list entry instead of "Troops" (that usually dictates what FOC slot it uses up). See the full explanation here: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.ph...#msg1057977611

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Default Re: Is a Devilfish a troop choice

Any vehicle bought as a squad uprgade which does not take up a slot on the force organization chart is a dedicated transport. For example, if I take a land raider and put my terminator command squad in it, the land raider can carry other troops later in the battle. If I bought that land raider as a transport option for the command squad (thus not taking up a heavy slot) it would be dedicated.

Edit: There are 2 exceptions I can think of to this. A marine army with the eye to eye major disadvantage and death gaurd chaos marines both use transports taken as upgrades for the unit as fast attack choices. These transports are still dedicated however since they were bought as part of a troop squad.
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