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Farsight's Bodyguard
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Default Farsight's Bodyguard

Just as a point of reference, I am unable to play normal balanced armies (case in point being my Emperor's Pointy Sticks, wich crams 23 Lascannons into a 2,000 Point List).

So I've Set out to Build a Battlesuit Army (no Vehicles), and fell in love with the idea of Farsight and 7 Crisis Suit Bodyguards.

What's the Best Way to Field it? Deep Strike them, and Plasma/Fusion at close range, or Stand Back and Fire From Long Range?

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Default Re: Farsight's Bodyguard

well seeing as Farsight is a close combat character it is best to gett him to do just that. the acception to this however is that you really dont want to run up and try to kill everything in one charge and instead should try to make a bunch of suits with missle pods and burst cannons for dealing with infantry. after that you need at least 3 broadsides in a close to all suit army. but otherwise i believe that the plsma/fusion would work great gainst an enemy HQ/termis and anythging else with a good armour save. this would even work against hordes (while very very pricey) if you gave them the following cofiguratioon.

Bodyguard w/ fusion,plasma Targetting array,HW multi tracker.-72 points a model but MEQs sure as hell wont bother you anymore

for the entire squad lets see how many points it is. 674points for 8 kick ass suits. at least you dont really need a lot of models.
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Default Re: Farsight's Bodyguard

I want a Farsight... :'(

Anyway he is mostly meant for CC and that's why he has a WS of 5. So deepstrike him with his body guards and then have some railgun support or something like that...kind of the same thing LT said.
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Default Re: Farsight's Bodyguard

I would not recomend deep striking Farsight at all. It leaves you out in the open unable to charge or get away just shoot and with such expensive models that can so easily be insta killed I would strongly recommend just moving them down the field and giving some of them shield drones to take any low ap, high strength hits.

Fusion Blaster, Plasma Rifle, Targeting Array, HW MT is probably your best bet though I would give one a CIB as its an awesome gun. A Farsight army can take as many as 20 Battlesuits, Farsight & 7 bodyguards, 3 teams of 3, and a Shas'o/el with 2 bodyguards. Not counting 3 Broadsides, snipers and a hammerhead.

Farsight may be good in close combat but thats not all he can do with that unit packing 8 plasma rifles, 6 fusions and a CIB thats a ton of shots you can dish out to blow apart anything in your path and assault whatevers left. Still thats a ton of shots on a single target you could try some hard wired target locks to split fire. If you gave enough of them to your unit you could destroy one target in shooting with target locked bodyguards and have the rest turn their guns on a second target that you then charge.

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Default Re: Farsight's Bodyguard

Unfortunately Farsight, as well as Shadowsun, is not allowed to Deep Strike. If you look at his Special Rules, it does not include the XV8 entry which allows it to deep strike. You could rule lawyer it to death saying that he should be able to, but I am pretty sure that as the codex is currently worded, you can't do it.

That being said, I would give every single squad member two guns, a multi tracker, and something else if you have the points, probably a target lock. I would put in the Airbursting Frag Projector and maybe the CIB for anti-infantry. I would put in a fair number (3 to 4) Missile pods and the same number of plasma rifles for anti light-vehicle and heavy infantry respectively. Maybe two fusion blasters for heavy vehicle support with Farsights Dawn Blade. I would advise highly against burst cannons in a squad like this. Firewarriors mow down infantry like no body's business, and if you are going to be spending the points on this squad, for the most part you'll want it to take out more high points models than the enemy's equivalent to a fire warrior. I would also put in one or two flamers if you want to compliment Farsights CC capabilities. I would also put in as many shield drones or shield generators as you can fit in, points wise. Crisis Suits have the single major weakness of being able to mowed down by S8 AP3 weaponry. I know those aren't all that common, but when you are talking about this kind of squad, when you get hit by one, that's probably 60 or 70 Pt's a model going down from one shot.
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Default Re: Farsight's Bodyguard

I thought Farsight couldn't be equipped with anything but what he starts with!?
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Default Re: Farsight's Bodyguard

Farsight can deep strike because he wears a XV8 suit (p27). Shadowsun cannot because she wears a different type of suit which does not mention that she can deep strike.

That being said I don't recommend deep striking him. With all the fire power his guard can dish out, its unwise to keep him out of the game for about three turns. Just recently I played a game where I deep striked him and the squad did nothing but be shot at a by a basilisk. Against all the marines on the board it would have been better for me just to move him around.

The drone idea is a good one, and plasma and FB w/ HW MT and maybe HWTL is very handy. Also use 5-7 suits as it makes them survivable (though costly) and wicked devastating.

With some Meched firewarriors he becomes dangerous as they can FoF and Farsight can then mop up with fire (or the other way around). After firing assaulting a weak squad is a great clean up method, especially if they stay locked. This protects the unit from fire on the opponents turn. This a double edged sword however because you do want to dish out 15+ AP 2 shots the next turn.

I play aggressively with him, as I suppose that's what hes meant for. The rapid firing ability of the plasma is wasted if you hang out further away and take pot shots.

Anyways, give different approaches a try as Farsight can has a unique approach to the tau strategy. Remember though, he's still Tau and maneuverable shooting is generally the best avenue.
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Default Re: Farsight's Bodyguard

Don't forget that Crisis Suits can charge after firing Rapid Fire weapons, unlike most things.
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Default Re: Farsight's Bodyguard

My theoretical take on Farsights Bodyguard is very similar to the approach danny boy spelled out...

Farsight. as is (theres no other way, afterall : )
Bodyguards; 4 different 'packages':

4 ea. Plasma, Missile, Flamer, HWMT
2 ea. Plasma, Fusion, Targetting Array, HWMT, HWTL
1 ea. Plasma, Fusion, Air Frag, HWMT, HWTL

5 ea. Plasma, Burst, Flamer, HWMT, HWTL
1 ea. Plasma, Burst, Cyclic Ion Blaster, HWMT, HWTL
1 ea. Plasma, Burst, Flamer, HWMT, Failsafe Det.

Long Range JSJ- support
7 ea. Twin Missile pods, Plasma, HWMT, HWTL

Deep Strike Overkill-salvoe
7 ea. Plasma, Burst, Fusion, HWMT, HWTL, 2 Gun drones

Most of it should be pretty self explanatory, but here are some notes:
-Notice the common theme for me: Plasmas and TLs. When limited to groups of 3, plasmas are good but so-so, in that the volume of shots doesnt really measure up t expectations... well, bump that number of plasmas to 8, and youll get the results youre wishing for.. to hell with the cost!! TLs are also important to a unit this size, since there will often be overkill (judging the right amount of firepower to each specific target will take some experience to figure out), and TLs allow that firepower to be split up.
-Versatile: The 4 Fireknives dont have TL because they will generally be firing their weapons all at the ame target always, so they will aim at the target that the unit is aiming at, whereas everyone else can TL off to something else. Flamers are there because who doesnt want 4 flamer templates blanketed over something?? The Helios suits have +1 BS to make that somewhat small 'heavy weapons team''s shots count, and to allow Fusion snipering of juicy targets of opportunity (like Librarians)
- Assaulty: 6 Flamer templates blanketing a target youre about to assault, along with quite a bit of additional firepower.. nuff said. The Failsafe Det needs some explaining though I think: If ever they should find themselves in a CC that is going badly, or get assaulted by specialist assaulters (powerfisters), this guy can no only leave a nasty insta-kill potential large blast template suprise, but more importantly, gets everyone else out of CC safely! No worries about a Powerfister sweeping advanc-ing away all 8 Crisis suits in some insane horror story! Thats why its a Failsafe Detonator, not just a BFDetonator.
-Long Range JSJ support: whats better than deathrains? 7 deathrains! Ive given some thought to adding a few marker drones to the squad, so they can just sit back and let rip.... but havent commited yet.
Deep Strike Overkill-Salvoe: My favorite, personally! just count up the dice at range 12" in that deep strike opening shot.. (OK, I'll do it for you: 16 plasma, 21 Burst, 14 twin linked Carbines= 51 dice all str 5 and up!) either leaning anti infantry, or anti Meq-vehicle with the suits... Drones to supply a built in 14 man "Firewarrior squad". Team this unit up with a well placed Pathfinder unit (markerlight beacon, and loads of markerlight counters).. and some multiple markerlight FW teams, and.. well, thats best just left to fantasies... :
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