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Stiff as a board
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Old 12 May 2006, 00:59   #1 (permalink)
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Default Stiff as a board

Is it just me, or are Tau stiffer than a board? By this I mean there is really only one way to play it, and there are also no alternatives to this- i.e. Static and Mech are both ways, but they still both seem to only try to deny shots and create a killing zone.

Meh... maybe I've just figured out Tau to their greatest extent...
Originally Posted by Komrad
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Default Re: Stiff as a board

Probably...but maybe they're more shook than moroccas.
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Default Re: Stiff as a board

Well, there is the deep strike to nuke your couch.

There are the, I only have infiltrators on 1st turn.

There is the rush forward killing everything
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Default Re: Stiff as a board

Well, what other way of war is there? For a shooty army(Like Tau), the idea is to kill and not get killed back. To do this, you....deny shots and create kill zones. So yes, that's how tau work, but that's how all shooty armies work.
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Default Re: Stiff as a board

Its true that they lack chapters/craftworlds/deities but there's a lot that can be done with the choices anyways. Other armies have been around for longer, and some get a little more love (like the smurfs) in terms of options for that reason.

Static and mech are both pretty genearlistic things, and there's also hybrid to be accounted for. But even then you could say similar things about the styles of other armies. "horde" or "'zilla" tyranids, for example (and of course 'hybrid' in between)?

Denying kills is something most other armies don't bother with as much as we do. Just like close-combat isn't really a valid tactic for our army to focus on, most other armies don't find 'point denial' as appealing as 'waste the other guy entirely' or 'attrition'. Sure, this means your troops aren't dying in some twisted ideal of glory (for their general; since they're too dead to care), but that's not the Tau'va isn't served in this way. The best kill/loss ratios are those that involve no losses on your side, no matter how few came on the other side at that cost.

And killing zones? Every army wants THOSE. If you can deny shots AND get them into a kill-zone, the victory's almost certanily yours.

So sure, it might look stiff on the outside... but the actual playstyle is a lot smoother in my experience.
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Default Re: Stiff as a board

How exactly do you hide an entire army from the enemy using only the normal ammount of terrain while still firing back at him? Thats what I'd like to know; if you can shoot at the enemy aside from SMS he can shoot at you, so what is the deal exactly with all the talk of VP denial. Aside from hoping for ideal situations where you can limit your visibility to only the squad you're about to desimate the enemy (which will practically never happen on a normal board against a half decent opponent), I see no way you could use the hide/shoot/hide tactic to an extensive degree in a large army.
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Default Re: Stiff as a board

when you really look at the Tau and if i am understanding you correctly then the simple answer would be Hybrid armies. in a hybrid army you have the ability to play in a lot of different ways. first you have the traditional kill zone, then you have the stealth army that makes simple but surgical strikes, after that we have the go after everyone no matter the costs playing style, usually used by noobs.
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Default Re: Stiff as a board

Farsight Enclave armies are rare and very unique
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Default Re: Stiff as a board

im with black mage on this, the tau only have the 2 ways of playing that is to say alot of armies only have a few ways of playing. my advise to you is if ur getting tired of playing style of tau y not try a kroot mercenary list. its exactly wut im doing, taking a break from tau.

Originally Posted by Sleepy Rabbit
Farsight Enclave armies are rare and very unique
although i like farsight as a character and in game his army is just TOO restrictive, although it is nice to once in a while think about close combat with tau as a possible winning plan.
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Default Re: Stiff as a board

There are 3 main styles of Tau play: static, hybrid and mech and all are competetive though static is firepower crazy, hybrid is balanced and mech is competetive speedyness there are numerous playstyles within each. For instance you can do a mech army that is heavy on battlesuits, or one that makes use of a lot of tanks or yet another that uses a lot of light skimmers, piranhas. You can do hybrid or static that use a lot of kroot or other auxilaries you can do a static army with a huge number of Firewarriors or you can do an army that is all infantry and has no tanks what so ever. There are tons of ways to play you just need to be a little creative in how you make your army work.

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