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[Fall of Medusa] Your fluff for Medusa V?
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Default [Fall of Medusa] Your fluff for Medusa V?

What will be your fluff for the Medusa V campaign?

Hi. I am new to Warhammer 40 k. I have played for a long time Warhammer and participated in several online campaigns with kislevites or asrai.

And now I have arrived to the Universe of 40K. I have started two armies, A tau army (becqause they are the better army in the Universe)

With better I mean that they protect all of their people be it tau, humans, kroot or whatever, share their technology, work towards a common goal, respect otherīs points of view, do not have a god (only the Greater good moral idea) and so on, and they accept different points of view in their morals: they are not dogmatic.

And I have also started an Imperial Guard army. I love the image of thousands of soldiers fighting to protect their land, their families, and many times attacked by their Imperium (be it by Inquisitors, Marine sor whatever)

Soon it will start Medussa V and this brings me to a question: for who should I fight: Imperial Guard whose goal is very noble? (save millions of lives) or Tau ( and in that way further their mesasage of peace and unity)?

I thought of a possible fluff and would want an answer to my question. Depending of the answer I will play for the Tau or for the Imperial Guard.

In my fluff there is a human planet near the tau empire border called Gayland, whose governor is Narmo Eressea, an imperial commander tired of the attitudes of the Imperium towards all that is different to what the Eclesiarchy has for good.

And by the name of the planet it can be guessed what "evil" is there for the Imperium: that great part of its population is gay. And in that way, the governor sends a message to the next tau colony to sign a peace agreement and the possibility of Gayland entering in the Tau Empire and working to further not the Greater Good in which my alter ego does not believe but peace and unity in the galaxy.

And with the message is also something the governor asks: he will join the Tau Empire if his planet is accepted with his way of living (should not be a problem to the tau) and if in Medusa V the tau try to avoid any murder of imperial citizens and let the captured soldiers free if they want to and allow the evacuation of as many people as possible to avoid unnecesary deaths when Medussa V is destroyed.

In Gayland lies a huge force of Imperial Guard and a renegade group of the Space Wolves who see with better eyes than others the diversity of Gayland and want to make allies to defend their people.

Message is sent: what will be the answer of the Tau?
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Default Re: Your fluff for Medussa V?

This might be interesting to you if you havent seen it already:

Go with whatever one you wish as you can simply say its a gue'vesa guard regiment and fight for the Tau whether you play Tau or Guard.

As for Tau fluff I dont see why the Tau would reject such an offer instead I wouldnt be surprised if they even added resources to the deal in exchange for fighting units to aid in the Medusa V conflict as auxilaries to the Tau forces perhaps as a sign of goodwill.

If you have any more questions just ask.

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Default Re: [Fall of Medusa] Your fluff for Medusa V?

Thanks Vash for the link. I had not seen before that there existed a imperial guard army for the tau allies. In that way I can form a list of Imperial Guard allied with the tau. And I will finally join the campaign for the au (though fluffwise I will write something about my army helping the imperials evacuate people from medusa V before it is destroyed).

Questions? I have one? Are the leaders of Tau online working to coordinate in any way with other forums? I have seen the imperials and chaos are doing it. A good way to start would be in Warseer forums, where the tau have started a High Command, a non agression pact with chaos and maybe a non agression pact with eldar, all of which could imporve the possibilities of the tau for the campaign (the less enemies the better).
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Default Re: [Fall of Medusa] Your fluff for Medusa V?

I advise , no, order you change that name, sharpish, becuase you're only escaping a smite from me because I genuinely belive you may just not realise that this is a flamefest waiting to occur and above all, a stupid idea. It's a silly name, and a silly possibility. Plus, the use of the words you use has earned people smites in different contexts.
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Default Re: [Fall of Medusa] Your fluff for Medusa V?

yah if ur gonna have this kind of fluff taken seriously, your gonna need to change the name. although IMO i see this as an excuse to push and agenda you have. lets be honest, Gayland? just give a normal name so it wont be so distracting to the reader of your fluff. also in terms of playing tau or imperial guard id go with vash on this play tau but have imperial gaurd auxilleries get the best of both worlds.
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