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Who's created their own sept?
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Default Re: Who's created their own sept?

I've not really thought of it...

What's Tau for "Top of Tv"? (yes, we play tongue in cheek. But I dare you to try and convince yourselves for even a second that that impassable tray of brownies isn't a worthy objective! :P )
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Default Re: Who's created their own sept?

See my signature? That's my...misguided...sept in there. Scaly green and skull white are their colors, with a touch of red gore here and there. Of course, stealthier units have stealthier colors...the PF replace the white with codex grey and kommando khaki, for example...but they do keep the scaly green so as not to stray too far from their roots. For that matter, anything in stealth armor (drones and suits) still has some scaly green on it, like the burst cannons on the XV-15s.
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Default Re: Who's created their own sept?

...(I deleted this)
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Default Re: Who's created their own sept?

Ok, since no one seems to be bold enough to guess what my sept name of T'orq is a reference to, I will tell you. (Mostly because I want you all to see what a total dork I am)

The Greek letter Tau is used to represent something in mechanical physics: Torque, force that causes the object to want to spin. So I decided to shorten the word torque so that it would still be pronounced that way, but look more Tauish.
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Default Re: Who's created their own sept?

well i need to make a sept name for my tau army, but i do have a good at least IMO about the army and characters in it until i saw some guy for the new campaign use a color scheme close to mine.

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Default Re: Who's created their own sept?

Mine tau are called the Phas J’Kaara. The Smoke Enclave... heres the start of the mini story i ... started.. its not done and still a WIP.

Ethereal Aun’O T’Olku Or’Res Shi

Shas’O Kel’Shan Ph’Shi

Ethereal leader Aun Or’Res has been assigned to monitor and assist ShasO’Ph in his acquisition of Imperial Border World Vash’Mor. This planet has intriguing prospects as a natural power generator. Vash’Mor never sees the dark of night. The 3 stars it orbits, brightly illuminate the planets’ dayside. The numerous planetoids in orbit around it reflect so much light they give the darkside a misnomer. The albedo is slightly brighter than a standard dawn.

Tau recent expansion and acquisition has placed heavy demands on power. The solar energy irradiating this planet is intense and unending. The numerous planetoids and small moons orbiting the planet would make ideal energy farms and trading stations. The orders from T’au are explicit and simple. Take, hold and exploit.

Pre-launch orbital surveys and system recon patrols have shown the planet to be a recent Gue’La acquisition but has numerous Imperial Outposts and the beginnings of a stable economy and military presence. Vash’Mor was taken from a pre industrial Alien race over 500 years ago. It seems for the most part that the Imperium has either neglected or is unaware of this veritable gold mine.

Diplomatic approaches have unfortunately been exhausted. Air Cast envoys, accompanied by Aun’O T’Olku Or’Res Shi were repeatedly scorned and eventually had to call off talks when lasfire erupted from xenophobic protestors encircling the summit.

In 3 cycles time, a preliminary observation post will be established and later converted to a base of operations. One cycle later Shas’O’Ph, accompanied by the Revered Aun’ Or’Res will make landfall and begin the purge of Vash’Mor.

The rest continues here
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Default Re: Who's created their own sept?

Haven't even got the ground work for my own sept started, but its a breakaway sept, groups of Tau from several septs. Everything is still a WIP, so more info will be around as I do it.

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