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shadow sun or farsite
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farsite 4 57.14%
shadow sun 3 42.86%
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Default shadow sun or farsite

i need to know; who is better farsite or shadow sun ???

1st we have good old farsite....
hes good in combate
he can be joined by up to 7 crisist battle suits
he can incress the W.S of other units
he gives every one free bonding knifes
his army gets the "ork fighter" rule (what ever it dose?)

but the bad news is...
fiarsite is a "brake away faction" so his numbers are limited
you still have to take a normal comander

question is, is he worth the 170pts

2nd we have the new chick on the block, comander shadow sun

the good news is....
she has new exsperomental equipmant
2 fussion blasters that can shoot at diffrent targets
she has 2 shild drones
a 4+ invonrable save
a comand link drone
stelth shild genorator
she conts as the +1 comander

but the bad news is...
her guns are short ranged
she is exspencive
she can't infultrate or deep strike
she can't be given exstra stuff

so tell me witch one is better ??? i am curently running a meck tau army and also need to know wicth one should i take ???
stranger, i bid you greetings in the name of the tau.
If you are reading this then you will have encounter one of our messenger drones and there for a spacefaring race.
soon you will see more evidence of us, this is no cause for alarm. so be operable and join our case of the greater god, a good that will unite the races of the universe.

our advanced research has concluded the fowling things
1. all good things come to an end
2. the universe doesn't end there for it is evil
3. the grater good will die, so enjoy it while it lasts
4. George bush will be the president of the USA for ever and ever
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