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Warfish comparisons
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Old 10 May 2006, 03:30   #1 (permalink)
lonely tau
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Default Warfish comparisons

i havent seen this yet and i am really bored so here it is: Warfish Comparisons
now i am just going to do fire warriors comparisons (basically static and warfish mounted squads) so lets get on with it.

Warfish:SMS,TA,MT,DL-120+12 fire warriors=240 points, for that we get 2 full squads of static Tau

12 Fire warriors, rifles
12 Fire warriors, rifles

alright now for Tank busting they all have a S5 gun and they cant change that, however the Warfish squad can move around a lot better and possibly get a back shot on the opponents vehicle so Warfish wins out there.

normal horde busting (guants and etc) squad of thirty two
Warfish squad at rapid firing range:13.296 kills
Static warriors at rapid fire range:19.2 kills

now while totally challenging the static warriors can score far more kills when rapid firing, but they have to et up there to do it. now for what a normal scenario would be
Warfish at Rapid fire Range:13.296 kills
Static Tau at normal range:9.6 kills

here we see that sheer mobility pays off quite a bit. let us assume that a squad stays completely still and in LOS of both "teams" of warriors at 30" distance.
Turn 1
Static Tau:9.6 kills
Warfish:3.696 kills (12" movement)
Turn 2
static Tau:19.2 kills
Warfish:16.992 kills
Turn 3
static Tau:28.8 kills
Warfish: 30.288 kills
static Tau:38.4 kills (over limit)
Warfish:43.584 kills (over limit)

you see that the static Tau are ahead by a little bit in the beggining but when the Warfish makes it there it pulls ahead bit by bit. now the ultimate test, MEQ killing power.

MEQs same scenario as above, only 10 models.
Turn 1
Static Tau:2.6928
Turn 2
Static Tau:5.3856
Turn 3
Static Tau:8.0784
Turn 4
Static Tau:10.7712 (over limit)
Warfish:12.230712 (over limit)

Now again we find that the Warfish squad starts out slow and ends up the leader, but the static Tau keep a nice pace through the whole thing. in my opinion we are just paying for mobility when we taket the Warfish, and the chance to smack around some genestealers or something that are around the bend. all in all i believe that while the warfish may be a better choice it is a resource guzzler (notice how we had an extra 10 points inbetween the Teams) and if someone had put a target lock on the warfish them the statics could have easily had a markerlight, team leader and etc on them.

along with all of the armor added onto the Warfish squad they will obviously attract the inevitable lascannon/S8+ anti tank wepons. the Warfish is also quite vulnerable and if the DF gets destroyed the fire warriors are stuck there and will probably get killed really soon after that.

i will add more later but for now i hope you liked this segment of it. on a side note i apologise if there has already been a topic on this (checked the search but found nothing) and otherwise glad i covered it in this much detail. criticising would be helpful for me when i do future installments, thanks for all supporters.
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Default Re: Warfish comparisons

Very good.
I use Warfish only.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Warfish comparisons

There is a quality to mobility that goes waay past those numbers. I've had games where my static fireline got off a single turn of shooting, and never saw another target because my enemy advoided that firelane.
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Default Re: Warfish comparisons

Warfish are very expensive but they might work. I'm thinking about having a Warfish as a troop choice for one battle to see how it works out. It probably will be a massive point sink but, meh, it is just a test.

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Default Re: Warfish comparisons

I would advise everyone who hasn't to try a warfish or two in battle. I was pretty dead-set against them looking at the numbers, but after playing them I just fell in love with the POWER that they seemed to have.

I'm thinking the best approach may be to leave the firewarriors sitting somewhere early in the battle, and letting the warfish go off on their own. If he wants to waste anti-tank power against your non-scoring transport, let him! (Of course, don't expose the fish to fire unnecessarily as that would defeat the purpose... unless you wanted to draw attention away from something else!) You still have the capability to pick up your fire warriors in an emergency, or not deploy them at all if there is massive ordinance everywhere.

For 20 or 25 extra points you get an offensive weapon as opposed to a transport with guns. Sounds good to me!
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Default Re: Warfish comparisons

Originally Posted by DireStrike
I would advise everyone who hasn't to try a warfish or two in battle. I was pretty dead-set against them looking at the numbers, but after playing them I just fell in love with the POWER that they seemed to have.
The same thing happend to me ;D. I can't tell you how much fun it is running a warfish (is thier an actual fish named that, if not I think we should rename it, something more creative). In one turn my warfish annilated a star cannon wielding guardian squad >, that was fun.

To the OP, great job in crunching the numbers, but what about if the opponint moves in closer. I think the Static line could have a bit of an advantage if the enemy gets withing the rapid fire range of both units, or even just one of them.
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Default Re: Warfish comparisons

Here's a little basic note, on how the Devilfish & Warfish stack up in my mind:

The Devilfish, is much like the Rhino. It's a basic transport. The Devilfish has more offensive capability, but on a whole, isn't a big damage dealer and is more of a system to get you from point A to point B; intact.

The Warfish is more like the Chimera in imperial terms. Sure, both are transports, but neither ever really transport so much as are used for mobile gun platforms. The Warfish does just that. It shoots, quite better than before.

The only problem that comes up, in both cases, is that a single glance can stop you from shooting. And it will happen. However, if you're running things that are more dangerous or bigger targets, your Fish my rarely be under such an attack while an Ion cannon is still floating around and shooting for example.

So with the change; we get more firepower, but we make ourselves a bigger target and much less of a transport. It has it's place, but it's definitely not for every army/game.

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Default Re: Warfish comparisons

If you're worried about taking fire... hide behind some woods and let loose with the SMS. Sure you lose 3 shots, but the fact that the bad guy can't shoot back is sweet.
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lonely tau
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Default Re: Warfish comparisons

htnaks for all of the so far positive feedback. now what should i compare next? any suggestions?
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Default Re: Warfish comparisons

Whats a war fish?
Originally Posted by Savon Saal
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