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3 weapons on a Tau battlesuit?
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Default 3 weapons on a Tau battlesuit?

In the new tau codex its dosent seem to state that you need to take a support system is this correct or just an oversight?
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Default Re: 3 weapons on tau battlesuit?

You don't have to, but you can't have three guns.
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Default Re: 3 weapons on tau battlesuit?

You never did have to take a support system. Even in the 3rd edition codex you were always allowed to give a battlesuite 3 weapons but that really doesnt make sense because even with the Multi-Tracker you can only ever fire as many as 2 weapons. You could however have 1 Twin Linked and 1 regular weapon and hard wire the multi tracker. Either way you have always been able to give a battlesuite 3 weapons, you could also give a battlesuit 3 support systems if you wanted.

And Big Ben you can take 3 weapons you just cannot take 2 of the same weapon that is not twin linked and you cannot take 3 of the same weapon. So no twin linked missil pod and single missil pod.

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