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Chaotic Problems
Closed Thread
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Default Chaotic Problems

Hey guys I need some help with a Chaotic problem (yes, lamo pun intended . My friend has this Iron Warriors army he wants to try against me, and I want to show him what Tau are made of, and that just because his list is practically built to kill Tau that I will not lose to him. ;D

Can anyone give me a few helpfull pointers?

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Default Re: Chaotic Problems

Static line would be best. He will have enough shooting to take down mech fairly quickly, speed isnt that great when your opponent can take down armor in an instant. Fire warriors outrange bolters, throw in some broadsides and either deepstriking crisis w/ fusion blaster and X (or twin linked fusion) to take care of his basilisk (I'm assuming he takes one, since practically everyone does).

Then, if all else fails, insult him for taking a list specifically tailored to beat your army.
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Default Re: Chaotic Problems

I say that it is better to go hybrid of mech. With the 4 heavy support option that the Iron warriors can take, it is better to continue on moving instead of just staying there and get hit.

Load up on hammerheads and ion cannons. And get your crisis on killing armour and heavy infantry.
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Default Re: Chaotic Problems

a deepstruck unit of 6 or more gundrones should land you at least one glancing hit on the basilisk's side armor.

Between those and a deepstruck helios or deathrain they shouldn't last long... but the big question is will YOU survive that long to the bombardment.

He probably has quite a few obliterators to go with those vehicles; plasma's probably a good thing to have. plasma or a LOT of shots.
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Default Re: Chaotic Problems

Originally Posted by Aquila_XV8
Hey guys I need some help with a Chaotic problem (yes, lamo pun intended . My friend has this Iron Warriors army he wants to try against me, and I want to show him what Tau are made of, and that just because his list is practically built to kill Tau that I will not lose to him. ;D

Can anyone give me a few helpfull pointers?
Do you have any clue as to what he is fielding? Because there are IW players who make claims of supreme firepower and show up with piddle-dink tanks and a few marines. And they're push overs. But if he shows up with 6 obliterators, a bunch of tank hunting las/plas marines, and a heavy support loaded up on heavy bolters and autocannons, all backing a fast moving dirty prince, you may find yourself in a real fine kettle of fish. And the truth about it, is there's nothing Tau can honestly do to stop it, because most of Tau's main powerful firepower comes from their tanks; and he can put your tanks down extremely fast.

If you find yourself in trouble, sometimes, XV88s with plasma and shield drones can be a life saver...

However; I'll wait to get more information from you to go on.

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Default Re: Chaotic Problems

Okay, I've dealt with most types of Chaos easily. *Okay, gotta have the Broadsides and Hammerheads. *Take as many as you can/have, but not too many. *Have maybe one squad of 2-3 Broadsides, and get one Hammerhead or two if you don't have any sniper drones. *The sniper drones will tear apart most of the weak tanks of the Imperium with the markerlights added in then your army will be pretty beast and can kill most anything. *Okay, make sure to get ALL firewarriors, Kroot won't do much good if he continually bombards you with tank shells and weapons fire that all have AP better than 7. *Make sure to have your Crisis suits, lots o' Crisis suits. *Have good horde and tank killer weapons attached to each one so they can deal with the troops and takes at the same time. *Have the t-array so they can target multiple units. *Also, if you have enough Crisis suits try to have each squad of Crisis you have to have at least two. *And finally fast attack, get some Piranhas with fusion blasters to take care of tanks and stronger soldiers. *He'll have to worry about your Broadsides, H-heads, Piranhas, and Crisis suits tearing up his tanks. *Also no Ethereals unless you must have one. *Go with a Shas'o or Shas'el with some Drones. *The squad of Crisis bodyguards just makes him a bigger target for Basilisks. *Now stealth suits are good for infiltrating if you can. *Seeing as the side armor of a Basilisk is 10, the stealth squads and administer quick death to them with all those shots.

whoops also forgot. When equipping the B-sides, go with a shield generator or a shield drone. Also give them something anti-horde incase he gets caught with troops.

GOOD LUCK...that's my advice.
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Default Re: Chaotic Problems

If you really want to piss him off...

Take 3 squads of 3 broadsides (all with target lock) and pray you get first turn.

If you do, then that's 2 rail rifle shots at EACH of his tanks plus one extra for that land raider (just in case he has one). Of course, that relies on you getting first turn, and having 9 broadsides.


Basically, though, count on him having 4 tanks. As an IW player, he WILL have all 4 slots filled. So, make sure you've got 4-6 rail rifles on the field. Also, don't forget that the 0-1 with Obliterators is gone. Those guys are... well... friggin insane (let's fire with lascannons and assault with powerfists!), so make sure you got some guns to take them down (their armour is 2+, I believe, but they've also got a 5+ invulnerable; my CSM codex is in my room upstairs so bah).
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Default Re: Chaotic Problems

I'm thinking of 2 teams of Broadsides with A.S.S and a team leader with Target Lock, A.S.S & 2 shield drones. This will allow you to shoot at 3 seprate targets with 2 railguns each.
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Default Re: Chaotic Problems

Try Sniper Drones. They outrange Bolters by a LOT, and have the Stealth to make Heavy Bolters ineffective against them. Also try some Burning Eyes, Fireknifes, and Helios, and load up on Fire Warriors. Don't mechanize all of them, because you want the range for some of them.

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