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For those of you who didn't see my article in the newsletter...
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Default Re: For those of you who didn't see my article in the newsletter...

Originally Posted by Big Ben
He still has IC status with Drones. They are not bodyguard and have no real mind...

Originally Posted by Tau Codex
Drones must maintain coherency with the unit their controller is in. If he is an independent character then the drones and character form a unit but the character may still join another unit.
Originally Posted by Odo The Brave
Crazy Guy, you are very disturbing...

Do It! ;D
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Default Re: For those of you who didn't see my article in the newsletter...

Ben, I don't want to sound like a jerk...but, there are rules in place for almost every little piece of this game called Warhammer (except of course when GW simply leaves them out or whatever). Everyone must follow them so that we all play the same game. That said, take a look at the BBB and the Tau Codex very carefully. Instead of arguing on a board about the rule simply look it up. Many questions or disputes can easily be settled by a quick flip to a certain page.


A stealth army is a great concept and I'm glad Tau have more options in the new 'Dex. The skyray is cool because it is one vehicle and can be placed out of sight much easier that three seeker carrying fishes (or HHs). Stealth also have the option of a hardpoint and can change their battlefield role through that and the FB. IMO small squads of FW with carbines or simply rifles seems more stealthy than fishes. Regardless, the new additions are great for an Invisible army and help these armies frustrate their opponents even more than normal tau J-S-J armies do.
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Default Re: For those of you who didn't see my article in the newsletter...

So does this mean that there are now Four types of tau armys

[glow=red,2,300]Mech[/glow],[glow=yellow,2,300]Static[/glow],[glow=orange,2,300]Hybrid[/glow],and [glow=purple,2,300]Stealth[/glow]

or is [glow=purple,2,300]Stealth[/glow] just consitered another varient of [glow=brown,2,300]hybrid[/glow]


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Originally Posted by Farseer_Emlyn (working on campaign)
They may be laughing at your red paint jobs or bat-eared grots when you deploy, but after loosing a few units to "da green horde" they'll learn to take your sonz of funguz seriously.
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Default Re: For those of you who didn't see my article in the newsletter...

You forgot O'Shovah!

Stealth could be anything, really. But I'd place it as more of a theme than a category, like "Kroot heavy" or "Drone army".

It's just that so many things have stealth characteristics that it'll be a hallmark of the Tau army! Maximize it for fun and profit! ...Or just fun!
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Default Re: For those of you who didn't see my article in the newsletter...

Originally Posted by crazyguy832
And a commander with drones is a unit and no longer has IC status.
Read other codex's, in just about everything that's come out since 4th edition, IC's remain IC's even when with retinues (for some reason Tau actually got different wording). Just because an IC is in a unit doesn't mean they lose IC status. As far as I can tell an IC with drones is still an IC, but can be shot at because their in a unit. In Tau Empire at least IC's only lose IC status when with a Bodyguard or equivalent. And your opponent probably can still single them out in HTH, if the online GW FAQ can be believed.

RE topic:
A nice read. Is this stealth army battle tested yet? I can't help but think that your opponent might just focus fire on your exposed units, but I eagerly await to hear more.
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Default Re: For those of you who didn't see my article in the newsletter...


It really doesn't matter whether the suit loses IC status. What matters is that it becomes part of a unit by taking drones, IC or not. And units can definitely be shot at, subject to LOS and targeting leadership tests.


It sounds like you have the mistaken impression that WYSIWYG overrides the rules. If that were the case, I could model a space marine scout squad equipped with nothing but eviscerators and daemon hammers. Just because GW provides the plastic in a kit doesn't mean the gear is allowed. Another example is the predator...you could theoretically model the twinlinked lascannon into the turret, as normal, but then put the autocannon in a sponson...after all, they put the item in the box...

As for the idea that broadsides would work well with stealthtau, I vehemently disagree. Even with A.S.S, they move too slowly to not be run down in a hurry for a huge VP payout. Much better to use a hammerhead, which is much harder to kill when in range and LOS, has the same insanely long range for its railgun, can take the same SMS, but moves fast enough to stay out of trouble (incidentally, its ability to move fast also means that you can deploy it in a corner where it's out of 48" range of enemy fire, but still able to shoot. You shouldn't try this with BSs, since they can't get out of that corner fast enough to either escape an assault squad or trudge into LOS of a target). But your best bet is just to use a skyray against medium vehicles and VP denial (isn't that the point of the list anyway??) against anything S8 can't reliably kill...unless that target blunders too close to a fusion blaster.

Sniper drones, while they fit the "stealth" feel of the army, are another marginal choice. Don't get me wrong, they're an awesome unit, and one of my new favorites. But you have to be very careful. Spread them out, as mentioned above, to minimize the chance of losing multiple teams to the same enemy speedster. And be prepared to run away if anything approaches that you can actually keep away from. In VP denial mode, trading an 80 point sniper team for 90 points worth of marines is a bad deal. YMMV!
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Default Re: For those of you who didn't see my article in the newsletter...

This is the sort of army that I was hoping to go with; all thanx to Wargamer, who with his excellent ability to write a fictional background for my army came out with the lines.....

'The Tio’ve, under O’Yar’ki’s influence, developed a predisposition for Stealth Teams, whose optic camouflage made them truly deadly in their jungle surroundings. The tranquillity and agility of the Tio’ve to manoeuvre through the jungle unseen, consequently earned them the name SilentStride; as they appeared invisible and incapable of being observed by the mind, or the senses.'

.... and then had me trying to work out a themed army list.

Well, thanx to you 42 I can now try and work something out. I needed a little push in the right direction, what you have done is push me over the cliff edge. If I can't work a list out now then I should be shot.

Another excellent post by you. I look forward to the next instalment/s

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Default Re: For those of you who didn't see my article in the newsletter...

No problem Silentstirke - more material will probably come as I play more with this new style! I can post up some specific tactics, although not much is new. I do highly reccomend reading MalVeaux's thread about the aggressive use of the Pathfinder's Devilfish though off the top of my head.

Oh and remember this style isn't call 'Stealth', it's 'Invisible' - a bit picky but it's a more accurate description (and one I can patent ;D). I hope it works well for you Silentstrike though, be sure to give feedback eh?

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