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Can a Tau army with minimal Fire Warriors work?
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Can a Tau army with minimal Fire Warriors work?

Can a tau army work with just a few fire warriors lots of crisis's without plasma , lots of kroot, and tanks?
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Default Re: A few general questions

I wouldn't think it could. Not because you need fire warriors to win with tau; but because an army like the one you describe would be nothing more than a random assortment of units with no ability to work well with eachother.
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Default Re: Can a Tau army with minimal Fire Warriors work?

Of course it can. Fire Warriors are easily one of the worst units in our list. Just about everything is better at anti-infantry.

The only thing Fire Warriors have going for them is the ability to rapid fire. Even so, they don't cause much more damage than other units, and are extremely vulnerable when exposed. They ARE the most efficient users of markerlights, barring perhaps a mega-stealth squad.

Personally I run 2 squads of 8-12 fire warriors in fish. The Double FOF can hurt, and if the fish survive you can pack up and leave. If not, you can advance and rapid fire one last time before you die.

Also, people tend to complain if you take minimized troops. Kroot and Fire Warriors both have disadvantages, but the Kroot's are much easier to work with. The Fire Warriors just never really become effective unless you're against some exotic army whose troops aren't all T4, 3+ save. And even against those armies, the alternatives are better. Stealths are better if you have any elite slots to put them in. Kroot are arguably better. Vehicle shots and upgrades are better. Gun Drones are better. Basically any anti-infantry option is better than Fire Warriors, unless you're looking to build a gun line. In which case Kroot can still perform as well against most targets.

The only thing you've said that's a bit worrying is "lots of crisis with plasma." Basically, take enough plasma as you need to deal with enemy 2+ saves, and no more!
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Default Re: Can a Tau army with minimal Fire Warriors work?

Pathfinders and gun drones are both better at the fire warrior job. Sure they lack the rapid-fire at close range, but what's better; 30" rapid fire, or 18" assault 1 pinning?

If the fire warriors are going to be moving around, then you may as well give them an extra 6" and pinning, because they won't be using that 2nd shot or 30" range most of the time.

Gundrones get JSJ and carbines for barely more than the Warriors. They can deepstrike.

Pathfinders get a different, but as (if not more) effective longer-ranged shot when immobile: the markerlight. The only problem is that both these choices share the Fast-Attack slots.

You lose some ablative wounds, but you get just as much pulse fire from 4 stealth suits, at the same cost. Stealthy and JSJ/infiltrate/deepstrike capable though... and better saves....

If it wasn't for the fact that everyone and their mother plays marines, their spiky variant with obliterators and more artillery, or the skeleton variant with gauss weapons, FW's would be a far greater threat with their good range. But even then...
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Default Re: Can a Tau army with minimal Fire Warriors work?

minimal fire warriors would mean one squad of six FW's

it's not something i would do but if you make up the numbers with kroot then you have a completely diferent army actually a mini FW squad and 3 big units of kroot would be realy cool
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Default Re: Can a Tau army with minimal Fire Warriors work?

actually I said without plasma because i don't plan on staying still for very long. A Shas'o and 2 shas'vre with flamers and missle pods run up lighting up units and then finishing them off. Massive kroot units killing things and tanks pummeling anything they can. That was the general idea...
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Default Re: Can a Tau army with minimal Fire Warriors work?

It's been awhile, I think I shall make my return...

Whoa whoa, since when did Fire Warriors suck?* I mean honestly, compared to marines, a maxed out Fire Warrior squad does as much damage as a maxed out Marine squad any day; me and my friends have done the stats; and you have the range to shoot into an opponent's deployment zone and they can't shoot back?.* The only thing lacking in FW squads are heavy weapons, but there are practical and fluff justifications for that.

On-topic, yes I think a psuedo-all Kroot/Crisis/tank army could work.* With the Kroot you have a horde force, not unlike the shooty-Gaunts of the Tyranids: you get enough of them together in one place, and they hurt - lots.* I love infiltrating them in to take down Death Star Marine squads.* They're only problem is they go down easy, too, so you have to have a lot of them.* Crisis suits in numbers can work, but you have to look out for Lascannons of doom instakilling them; provided you have enough cover, they should work.* I'd suggest twin-linking the Missile Pods and droping the flamer; the flamer is useless and twin-linking the Missile Pods makes them even more reliable.* Tanks should be able to take down the opponents heavy stuff, assuming it doesn't get dropped or shaken, but that's assuming a lot against Marine armies of Lascannon doom (sorry, been having a lot of bad experience with them lately dropping my Broadsides.).

My 2C.
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Default Re: Can a Tau army with minimal Fire Warriors work?

Well, of course it can work. You can get a square peg through a round hole if you hit it hard enough. :P

The real question is can it do well, and the answer is yes. Personally I wouldn't though. The reason is that Firewarriors are probably the most forgiving unit the tau have. With suits, if you pick the wrong target, wrong deployment, wrong weapon, misjudge distance etc, The expensive suit could very well die. Meanwhile the fire warriors have 12 men, with relatively powerful weapons compaired to other basic troops. They can afford to fail a target priority roll more often because whatever they accidentally hit will still not be happy about it. And the tau may be terrible at CC, but a unit of firewarriors will probably do more damage then two crisis suits will.

That being said, I also wouldn't take maxed firewarriors either, barring large scale games. The problem with the other extreme is that by buying a lot of firewarriors, you lose some flexability. Personally, I think the sweet spot for most games is 3-4 basic troops, at least 2 of them being firewarriors.
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Default Re: Can a Tau army with minimal Fire Warriors work?

Firewarriors are decent. The thing is, everything else is better.

I (personally) bring two squads of ten Firewarriors. I then mount them in Warfishes.
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Default Re: Can a Tau army with minimal Fire Warriors work?

Tau 101
Dont spend too many of your points upgrading your biggies and sacrifice unit numbers.

If you have few troops you will be doing this weather on purpose or not. Tau rock as massed fire. Utilize it!
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