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Tau Revision
Closed Thread
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Default Tau Revision

Its obvious that there a

quite a few new players in this thread so for starters, i would like to refer you over to

the [edited by Tau Online] but also we have developed a couple of new units that,

given your opponents consent you can use to boost your tau army to an exceptibly balanced

we also provide a large range of Tactic Based Topics and help for people

struggling against most armies out there.

for the greater good we tau must

band together to ensure the peace of the Empire, and the rule of the Ethereals [edited

by Tau Online
to view the Tau Codex Revision i have Written visit the above link

Please don't advertise without permission. Warning given - Tau Online

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Default Re: Tau Revision

Did you get Tau online's permission to post this?
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Default Re: Tau Revision

Originally Posted by GOD
Did you get Tau online's permission to post this?
Thanks for telling me about this God
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Default Re: Tau Revision

Do this in the Advertising board, thats what

it's there for! and bad Aun_Shovah lol
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Default Re: Tau Revision

sorry bout that guys, didnt realise ill just

post the revisions here if you like.

A Friend of mine and I sat down today,

after games workshop stated that Tau will be one of the last to be revised, and began

house revisions of our own.
We have created a few units and new weapons and i will

post them hear when they are done.
He is an Eldar Player and has been playing since

the days of Space hulk and is very objective so the units will not be to powerful, we

have also taken some "fluff" mentioned in the book, and used it.
<br /

>Firstly we Created:
"Fire Blade Warriors"


3 2 3 3 1 2 1 8 4+

The Fire Blade Warriors are those Fire Warriors who

are trained to use there weapons in close combat.
Usually from the outer sept

worlds, or worlds that have had closer experience with the close combat intensive races

such as the Tyranids or Orks, the Fire Blades use there upgraded Burst Carbines to fire

fast, high energy bolts in close combat.
They Train night and day to perfect there

short range effectiveness, using the latest Tau technology, they learn to shoot as they

move, firing a single Pulse Bolt as they charge into combat.

Burst Carbine
The Burst Carbine is a rapid fire version of the Pulse Carbine, using an under slung

Burst Cannon barrel to fire a Single High Velocity Energy pulse at its target enemy

During the Charge Movement of the Tau Assault Phase.
It is Also used as the Fire

Blades Hand to Hand Combat weapon, the warriors ducks and weaves to avoid enemy blows

while delivering a single shot from the Pulse Carbine Barrel each turn.
The Burst

Carbine replaces the ordinary Attack and always hits on a 4+ and its strength is 5. it

does not count as having a AP Value in HTH as it replaces the Warriors ordinary HTH

The Burst Carbine uses the following Stats when firing in the charge.<br /

>AP 5 S 5
If the Fire Blade is Charged they can Quickly swap there Burst Cannon

Barrel for a Photon Grenade Launcher but this must be declared before the enemies charge

is made.

In summary the Fire Blades have 2 Attacks on the charge and 1 attack

in close combat, also we have given them an Extra WS.

Raptor Class Attack

(R.C.A.P) 40pts
These Fast and light attack vessels

are the Tau answer to the Eldar Vyper, using the high powered Anti-Gravitic technology

that the Tau use in all there vehicles, it is Capable of traversing any obstacle.<br /

>Generally used for forward scouting operation and countering enemy fast attack units a

squad can bring a good amount of fire power to bare on any unit.
Capable of

performing well in almost any situation, it can be used in any role, from anti tank to

anti personnel.

Originally used as a recreational means of transport, like the

Motorbikes of early earth times, these are only just beginning to be seen by imperial

forces, in limited numbers they swiftly deploy on the battlefield, and can set up a

mobile firing base while skimming around obstacle to block enemies’ line of site.<br /

They have a small but powerful weapons range, and can take the standard shield

Generator allocated in the Suit Armory section.
The Raptors come standard with Burst

Cannons and Shield Generator.

The Raptor uses the following stats:
<br /

2 3 3 3 1 2 1 8 3+

The Raptor May

Take the following:
Burst Cannons + 10 For Single, +15 pts for 2
One in Every 3

Raptors may take A Special Assault Weapon from the Following List
Fusion Blaster +12

For Single, +18 if Twin Linked
Plasma Rifles +16 For Single, +24 For Twin Linked.
Flamer +6
Heavy Flamer + 12

Multi Tracker +5

Lock +5
Shield Generator +20




To make it to the rank of Shas&#39;vre in the Tau Army is no mean feat, this

exemplified in the case of the Fire Warrior Kais, who, almost single handedly

raided an imperial frigate, killing many imperial Guards on the way, and almost as many

marines, then after the capture of his ethereal he pursued the servants of some dark and

mysterious race into the very gates of their world, and bought the ethereal back.<br /

>after returning from this mission he was awarded the rank of Shas&#39;ui.

being said, the rank of Shas&#39;vre holds many great honours and so all those who have

acquired this rank or more, may be equiped with a Rail Cannon.
The Rail Cannon is

the single most sophisticated piece of Weaponry available in the Tau Armoury.

Utilizes the same enormously powerful shot that the Rail Gun uses, but instead its outer

shell incases a small amount of Anti-Matter sealed in a vaccumus state, when the bolt

hits the matter the outer shell explodes and the anti-matter within is exposed to matter

creating an enormously powerful blast in the target area.

The Rail Cannon uses

the Following Stats

STR 8 AP 3
Heavy 1

The Rail Cannon Takes

up 1 hard spot on the Battlesuit and may be used in conjuction with any other Tau Weapons

and Battlesuits System.



Ethereal 105pts
The Members of the Ethereal Caste are the most revered and

respected members of the Tau Empire, utilizing unswerving loyalty from all other members

in the Tau army.
A beloved Ethereal is usually an Ethereal who has fought amongst

the member of his hunter cadre for decades, leading them into the very depths of enemy

territory to gain objectives.
Like the Great Aun’Shi they are veterans of almost

enumerable campaigns and are themselves one with there weapons. And in the same way as

Aun’Shi the can use the honour blade to great effect against any enemy.
Although not

as skilled as the great Aun’Shi they are still enormously skillful in battle with there

chosen weapons.

5 3 3 3 3 5 4 10 4+
<br /

A Beloved Ethereal is equipped with an Honour Blade and a Hard Wired

Shield Generator, Photon Grenades and EMP Grenades.

Special Rules

Beloved Ethereal equipped with an Honour blade can find the stress Fractions and

Weakness’ in any armour.
On a Roll of 6 in Close Combat they will automatically hit

with no armour save possible.

The Beloved Ethereal, as his name states is so

beloved by his fellow tau, that if he is killed the player roles a D6
on a role of a

5+ the army does not role for fall back tests, instead they role for an Enraged Unit

Roll a Leadership test for each unit, if the unit fails they charged 6"

at the nearest enemy unit.
The movement is worked out at the start of the Tau

Players Phase.
this represents the Taus anger at there Beloved leaders death and

there enragement sweeps them into a violent frenzy.
If a unit is within 6" of

the Tau Unit it counts as a new charge and attacks will be worked out in initiative order

in the tau players Assault Phase.
this rule does not apply to Kroot or Gue&#39;la


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Default Re: Tau Revision

ergh... how

does that fit fluff? tau arnt CC.. and when an etheral dies.. they run because an

ethereal is all knowing all oding blah blah.... and why would the raptor thing have heavy

flamers? or ANY imperial weapons?? i would understand if it had its own weapon that was

similar to them.. but thats not how it is... i do like your ideas.. and i would use em...

not all of em.. but some
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Default Re: Tau Revision

You know why that lone Fire Warrior survived

through to the end of the game/book don&#39;t you? If you read the book, near the end,

Kais, the Fire Warrior, says "Blood for the Blood God!"

It seems

that Khorne is everywhere!!!!!

Anyways I&#39;m getting off topic, i like some

of the units, not the close combat unit know. Doesn&#39;t fit in a Tau army much.
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Default Re: Tau Revision

ergh i thought

in the game/book the chaos got rid of the ethereal because they couldnt harvest a body to

work for them.. somehow the tau were immune to it... how does that work?
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Default Re: Tau Revision

ive read the book around 3 times now, buts its

more of a spectacle type thing, since when did you have a really agile fire warrior that

can pretty much dodge bullets and kill many many many many many space marines, and even

more chaos space marines, as well as single handedly defeat a chaos dreadnought that has

built up anger and stuff for the past 10 000 years..

still off topic, from the

book its implied that they are all partially psychic and watever, but probably not enough

to be taken over mentally etc...

now er back on topic.. some of those rule

things up there seem good, eg replacing HtH attacks with weapon attacks etc..
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Default Re: Tau Revision

I have argued the fluff extensively, even with

games workshops officials and they said the only one that doesnt fit is the raptor.<br /

>but its pretty good i thought.
the conclusion was that Fire Blades are even more

fluffy then fire warriors because they attack at range then attack with the guns if

engaged in CC.

btw i have killed 2 obliterators and 4 terminators in a single

game with 2 squads of fire blades, granted that was due to a total of 8 ones rolled

during armour saving. lmao
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