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Possibly starting Tau and in need of advice...
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Default Possibly starting Tau and in need of advice...

Well, i have been looking around at the current codex's (since im starting a new army) and i have come to Tau. These are my thoughts.
Firstly, i was thinking of an army themed around battle suits. Maybe, a beefed ap Shas o a crisis team, two squads of ten Fire Warriors, and a Broadside for 1000Pts. This is just a thought as i have absoleutly no idea whether this will fit into a 1000Pts.
The other being a fast moving, pinning force. I have less of an idea what to do here. Possibly a Piranha or two. a mounted Fire warrior and Pathfinder squad and whatever else i can fit. (as you can see i dont have to much of an idea).
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Default Re: Possibly starting Tau and in need of advice...

A regular, elite-slot crisis suit with plasma, missiles, multitracker will cost you 62. If you make a suit the leader, in a group of 3, and give said leader, say, some shield drones on top of the above config, you'll be needing roughly 226 points.

A shas'el can easily cost you 90~100 points depending on the configuration (3 hardpoints AND wargear can add up, but its a VERY decent gunner unit with a targetting array).

Fire warrior squads without options... that's another 200.. A broadside will cost between 70 and 100 on average if you take options/wargear...

you should have just enough for, say, a hammerhead and a pack of gundrones?
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Default Re: Possibly starting Tau and in need of advice...

If you're big into suits, check out Farsight.

his command squad can be up to 7 strong

use pirahna drones to screen farsight and his boys while they get into position, and then WHAM!.... farsight power weapons, flamers plasma etc etc in da face!

not optimal, but very visceral
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Default Re: Possibly starting Tau and in need of advice...

Alright ill make you a deal...
seeing as how im not busy right now, and in a generous mood, along with the new dex sittin right next to me....im gonna make you 2 lists, one "suit" heavy, one semi-mech or "fast" and post them up when i am done, or edit this one...
i am not telling you what to do, just merely stating my advice/opinion
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Default Re: Possibly starting Tau and in need of advice...

Although taking lots of specialized weapons may seem nice, Crisis suits need terrain to survive. Taking too many can lead to a missile related death.

I take three Crisis suits in my 2,000 point army. I take three crisis suits in my 1,000 point army.

I have two squads of stealths in my 2,000 point army. I have one squad in my 1,000 point army.

This is because stealths have the cloaking field. They also have smaller bases, letting me share terrain between them easily.


Tau are weak in assault. The most effective way to counter this is by having everything in your army able to move 12" per turn. This means you can keep pace with mediumly sped armies, outrun footsloggers, and have a degree of mobility that really helps in missions.
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