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Starting Tau, need advice.
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Default Starting Tau, need advice.

i have been playing 40k off and on for 3 years and i know how to play. tau have always interested me because it seems like it takes a good general to make them powerfull and they arnt just "point and click" like some other armies

the summer campaign looks really cool and i was wondering what units/tactics would you use in a city fight? also what would be good units to buy after i get the codex and compulsory units?

thank you
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Default Re: starting tau, need advice

Ah... Cityfight!

SMS all the way. Also, I encourage mobility. That means move around. Move your guns into a position where they can fire, move away when you can see the air distortion of their power swords.

Stealthsuits are great for this!

Click on Puretide's quote. It will take you to a site with excellent advice on Tau in general, and I love it. Once you have read it all, take a day. Then read the new codex, and decide how the new units fit in with what T0nka says. Then read what we have to say.

PM me if you have any specific questions.

(It was written during the Codex: Tau era)

[EDIT] Air-Bursting-Frag-Mentation-Pro-Jector
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Default Re: starting tau, need advice

Call me crazy, but I'd suggest that you use...EMP grenades. Yes. Emp grenades. And also, put them on Fire Warriors. Nobody will expect them to first try and shoot down a tank with carbines, but then assault them!

You might want to also think about using flamers. Twin-linked even, because Missile Pods lose lots of their shine when you can't exploit their maximum range.
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Default Re: starting tau, need advice

Hard to say what exactly will be good for City Fight, as the CoD book isent out yet, but the above advice is probably good. What you should get next depends on what you consider "compulsory units", I'd hate to tell you to get something that you already got .
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Default Re: starting tau, need advice

Units i would suggest ANY tau player purchase:

A hammerhead, ion cannon or rail gun but personally i would go for ion cannon. One thing to do is instead of buying a devilfish + hammerhead, get 2 hammerheads, build one as a devilfish and then you have 2 turrets which you can swap depending on what you feel like at the time.

Some new stealth suits. Granted they only come out in june but theyre one of the best inantry units in the game.

2-3 crisis suits. Gotta get that plasma, for those hard to get though 2+ saves which can really ruin your day.

A skyray. A better cityfight vehicle couldnt exist. Combine this with pathfinders and you can have a vehicle which can fire around corners (YAY!)

Heres what i suggest you buy after the commander and 2xfire warriors:

2 hammerheads (assemble one as PF warfish)
6 pathfinders
1 skyray
3 crisis suits
3 stealth suits

that should be under $200 as far as im aware and is a good solid army base. Make sure you DONT glue weapons onto the crisis suits. Getting magnets is a little effort but it goes a LOOOOOOOOONG way. Either that or dont give them any guns, and playtest the different weapon set-ups until you find one you're comfortable with.
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Default Re: starting tau, need advice

@ coolflame616:

would bluetac be good too? i really dont want to but magnets, but i might eventuallly.
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Default Re: Starting Tau, need advice.

Welcome to the forums!

Blu-tac works okay, but it is not very stable. If you have left over Crisis arms from building Broadsides, a nice option is to glue weapons to a bunch of arms and then stick a little bit of bluetac in the shoulder. Then you can swap out the arms instead of swapping out the weapons on the arms. A good alternative to magnets is pinning. All you need is a pin vise and some stiff 1/16" wire. It also makes your models a lot stronger.
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