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A Few Things of Note
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Default A Few Things of Note

A Few Things of Note from the New Codex:

Front pic center: the new fashion: crisis knee caps on only one knee!

If one looks at the Tau picture of the five castes assembled around the holopicture of the firewarrior, one calls to mind a certain imperial guard meeting picture... inconceivably similar.

Pure"tide" = Mr. Clean with Blue Skin and Breathing slit????

All tau special characters come with special features:

Aun'va: Honor guard
O'Shava: up to 7 Crisis guards
O'Sherra: up to 3 Drones

One notes that the crisis heroes lose their IC staus when accompanied by lackies, which means pick one bonus or the other...

Many new upgrades: anti tough infrantry
Many older upgrades: cheaper, better tech
Plasma: Economic balance utilised to keep the Empire Running?

Any other quirky observations?
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Default Re: A Few Things of Note

OOH I got one I got one! (or three)

Pathfinder Snipers: Get Targetlock for FREE now and no longer fry their brains... bugs worked out!

What else? hmmm... Gun Drones Squirrel mentality holds up even under 4 models!!

.. and... um.. No more Kroot after battle snacks. Tau example of modern culture finally paid off!
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Default Re: A Few Things of Note

oshovah is the only one has a choice from a body guard**

Pulse Carbines are free and a whole firewarrior team can take them. not bad if you ask me.
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Default Re: A Few Things of Note

He has 1-7 crisis suits, he must take one.
Originally Posted by Not So Lonely Tau
you have something that makes fun of jesus, obviously a good person...
Originally Posted by freezing
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Default Re: A Few Things of Note

Originally Posted by comanchieflier
He has 1-7 crisis suits, he must take one.
incorrect. i quote pg 49:

O'shovah may be accompanied by a bodyguard...
fairly clear its optional.

dunno about stuff to note... they got a lot of ambigous rules in there... but thats discussed already.

we get fancy markerlight counters! and you can download them and print them off too.
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