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Need advice for my 500pts armylist
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Need advice for my 500pts armylist

Hi all, I' m planning on starting a 500 pts tau army and i need some help. I got 200-155 points left after taking a HQ(Shas'el with Missile pod, plasma rifle and multi-tracker) and 2 FW squads. I have some questions about how too spend the rest of my points:
- Should i take more crisis suits or should i take stealth suits and why/ are stealth suits better than crisis suits.
- Are crisis suits with missile pod enough against enemy armor in small 500pts games, or should i consider a broadside.
- If i have got 3 crisis suits should i divide them in 3 teams of 1 suit or 1 team of 3 suits and why.
-If i have got 24 FW should i divide them in 4 squads of 6 so I wont suffer too much losses if i get in CC or should i divide them in 2 of 12 so they can take more punishment.
-Should i upgrade suits too Shas'vre.
-What is the effect of a pulse carbine.

I would be very gratefull if someone could help me out .
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Need advice for my 500pts armylist

Okay. I'm going to take your questions in order.

Suit choice depends on what you want to do. If you're looking for harrying capability on the flanks, go with Stealths. If you want something that can punch into things from well back, go with Crisis. Personally, in a 500 point game, I'd take maybe 1 Crisis (in addition to the Commander) and then have stealths.

Missile Pods should be fine against most of the armors you can expect to find in a low points game. That said, it helps to know your opponent. There are some people out there who want to win only... and you can expect them to fit that Monolith/Falcon/Hammerhead/Land Raider into 500 points. If you expect your opponent to field one of the above (or it's equivalent in another race) pack the Broadside up.

If going with 3 Crisis you can load it either way. 3 Monats means the enemy can't fire at one squad and kill all your guys. He has to split his fire, which means it's going to take three squads to kill all of them in the same turn. A Tal'ro'cha team will let you have a better chance at holding onto at least some of your points in the event of the death of one or more Suits, especially if Bonded. Personally, given the new drone rules, I'd load 2 into 1 slot and send the third out on a solo run. Give the soloist Twinned FB, shield, and deep strike him next to whatever looks big and juicy. The other 2 can have a shield drone and a marker drone and cause hate and discontent in that fashion.

I have 24 FW myself. In a game this weekend I'm going to put them into 2 teams of 6 and 1 team of 12. I'll mount the 12 in a DF for rapid deployment and support on the line. Balance and mobility. The hallmarks of the Tau.

Upgrading to Shas'vre isn't as worthless as it used to be. Under the old codex there was absolutely no reason for it unless you just wanted something to do a little better in Assault before you threw it away. Now you can at least access the Special Equipment section of the list. It's your call. If you see something there that strikes you as useful, then upgrade. Otherwise, save your points for another area.

Without giving stats it's hard to discuss the Carbine. It's a scaled down version of the Pulse Rifle. It's main benefits are an increased mobility for the user. You gain on your move and shoot distance. Drawback is a lower number of shots at close range. This is balanced out by the ability to cause pinning. Truth be told, unless you've got some Pathfinders, a Skyray, a few Marker Drones, or you're planning on loading up your FW Shas'uis with Markerlights, then I wouldn't bother with carbines. You're not going to pin most things without some assistance from the new Markerlight rules.

All the above advice is generic. Knowing the army your enemy is going to play would help in giving more specific advice. Knowing what style of Tau you want to play would also be a plus. Hope what I've written will help you see it through.

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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Need advice for my 500pts armylist

Thanks for answering, u really helped me out on this. By the way, my opponents will most like be space marine armies (a lot of folks play sm), perhaps with some terminators or a dreadnought. I hope plasma and missile pods can handle it?
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Need advice for my 500pts armylist

I have also got another question, a commander is basically just a crisis suit right? (correct me if I'm wrong) So could i just buy a normal crisis suit and use him as commander instead of buying a more expensive commander suit
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Default Re: Need advice for my 500pts armylist

Yes, your HQ is a crisis suit with slightly better stats, most notably wounds and BS, rest won't come into play if you can avoid CC... and you WANT to avoid CC. Even with those not-too-bad stats there's still the complete lack of melee weapon options/abilities.. except for vectored thrust, and that's for getting the hell out.

A "spare" shas'el sounds like an excellent deepstrike unit for large point games. The iridium armor plating seems to be a far worse deal than it looks: if you can't run from melee, you'll get slaughtered.

For space marines, we want plasma, we want fusion, we definitely wouldn't mind some rail rifles, and we want to make damn sure we'll have something to take down that landraider. A railgun somewhere would be nice. Marines will get armor saves versus our missile pods, unfortunately, and they're also much harder to pin... or kill... or outshoot... and you definitely don't want them in melee (I'm seeing a pattern here... would that be why every other army out there is a marine chapter?)

The missile pods will crack light armor and IG command squads extremely well though, but marines are heavy. If you're gonna have to make them roll saves anyways, the stealths can pump some burst cannon shots..

I'm thinking of putting photon grenades on all my FW's. negating something like 10+ attacks when the enemy charges you will probably help survival a great deal... You can probably make them waste a lot of time if your teams are small... maybe that'll work well. 6 points to give photons to each 6 man squad would probably help minimise losses... Tau philosophy is to avoid them as much as possible... so minimising them's the next best thing!

perhaps you could get a single broadside, not too heavily equipped, and keep him near your main force, usually under cover... along with a single sniper team. that's 160 points, gives you 3 independantly targetted rail rifles (a rare, rare source of AP3 for us) and a markerlight. they're stealthed too so outside of 18" chances are they can't hope to touch'em.

I'm still new though... so I'm not talking from experience, just stats-studying.
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