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New to Tau, Need advice
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Default New to Tau, Need advice

I have yet to play a game with tau, and need some advice.

I got 1 XV-88, 2 comander farsight (XV-8 sprue and extra metal bits), and 2 Devilfish with 8 firewarriors and 4 droneseach at a out of business sale. I got the codex and battleforce yesterday(1XV-8, 12FW, 1DF, 12 Kroot, 3Xv-25 and 7 drones) I plan to get the pieces to make 1 of the DF into a HH, 1 or 2 pirrahna, mayby more kroot, 3 to 9 more stealths and some vespids(evin if only used as a kill team). I havent put anything together yet so my options are open.

What do I need for a mostly mech tau list?

any advice on how to procede is apreciated

i have read the articles in the tactica section and elsewhere, i just want to know if anyone has any wisdom before i go bannanas and put it all together.

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Default Re: New to Tau, Need advice

first off, what sized games are you going to be playing and who do you think you'll be facing most often?
secondly, why did you get 2 commander farsights? hes a special character so you can only have 1 of him in your army, and thats only if its 1500 points or more. also, if you use him you cant take kroot or vespids, and your restricted to having 0-1 hammerhead, broadside team, piranha team, stealth team, pathfinder squad and skyray in your army. dont use him.
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Default Re: New to Tau, Need advice

i plan to go for 1500pts, but will add or subtract from the list for 1000pts and CP.* i don't mind if i dont need all the fire warriors, or need exta stuff.

i got 2 cmdr. farsights because it was 10$.* i plan to assemle them as regular XV-8s

i would like this to be a "take all comers" list, posibly tournament

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Default Re: New to Tau, Need advice

The out of bussiness sale is a good clue as to why the Farsights.

Well you have some spiffy looking metal bits to work with. I plan to get a farsight to remodel my commander with. Cut his sword down and glue it to the bottom of a gun. Gunblades are cool.

Anyway right there you have the makings of a fine mechanized force though your going to need to get some heavies. I would use those mounted squads. You can easily use the tank crewman bits that comes with every tank to make an extra firewarrior. Doing that you can easily get 3 squads of 10. For mounted purposes I find 10 works best for fitting out the rear hatch and moral purposes etc. I also find this commander works very well:

Shas'O, Fusion Blaster, Plasma Rifle, Shield Gennerator

Strong, fast, and very hard hitting he also is very durable and protected thanks to his independant character status and the shield gennerator. When all else fails he can take it out. I keep him hovering normally around behind the center of my lines or on the edges where I forsee possible trouble with heavy armor or heavily armored infantry as with 2 ap 2 shots and 1 ap 1 shot he is good at taking out even terminators and the fusion blaster is excelent for taking out armor at close range and with JSJ and the shield genn he is pretty good at getting that close and living to tell about it. For a starting out commander he is good for pulling you out of tight spots. Later you might find something else works better for you.

For the crisis suits you might want to try fireknife (plasma rifle, missil pod) and then give them a targeting array. It upgrades there BS to 4. Because you dont have that many you can keep them all 1 man squads, upgrade them to team leader and give them a hard wired multi tracker. Lets them put both guns to full use and at a better balistic skill.

Your plans for where to go are good. I would suggest making your next purchase a Hammerhead though. Its the staple heavy support of a mechanized list and right at the moment its that heavy support you are lacking. You have a broadside so that helps but you may want to try out the highly mobile Hammerhead. Upgrade it with a multi tracker and decoy launchers. Those two upgrades increase its durability and allow it to move its full 12" and still fire all of its guns. Which is excelent as it keeps your firing capacity at full and allows you to make use of the skimmer moving fast protection which keeps all your tanks damage as glancing hits. Greatly decreasing the possibility of being destroyed.

Though if you have read through the tacticas Im sure you know most of this already. A mechanized style of play is very fast and gets you up close and personal eventually. I myself tend to prefere getting up close anyway as many opponents are shocked when they see Tau coming right up to them. But with the nice cc blocking wall skimmers can make and the close range of rapid firing pulse rifles, burst cannons and pulse carbines I find it works.

Its late and I cant think of anything else off the top of my head that should get you started pretty well with a good solid mechanized army or heavily mechanized at least. Good luck.

BTW the website linked in my signature holds all my battle reports, articles and tacticas so if you wish to view those do go ahead they may offer some insight and help you out some.

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Default Re: New to Tau, Need advice

give me a damn farsight mumble mumle... >
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Default Re: New to Tau, Need advice

Here's an alternate Commander configuration. Vash's one is good (I've tested it myself) but just so you have more options.

Shas'O with plasma rifle, fusion blaster, Vectored Retro Thrusters
Wargear - Stimulant Injectors, multi - tracker, target lock

This guy has the same strengths as Vash's. The only difference is that he dosen't have a 4+ Invulneable save, and he can leave combat at will. Assuming he survives the first round of combat (which he will unless he's fighting something with power weapons or a monstrous creature) then he gets a free 3D6 move to get out. He excels in delaying or halting squads that are attacking the weaker elements of your army. Instead of munching on your Fire Warriors, your enemy has to deal with a S5 WS5 battlesuit with four attacks and wounds. Throw him into some Gaunts or Guardians, and use the 3D6 move to get your fusion blaster in range of a Carnifex or enemy tank. In one game of mine this guy flew out of combat with a Genestealer squad (I was charged. Don't charge Genestealers with anything Tau) just in time to take 3 wounds of a Hive Tyrant that was menacing my 410 point's worth of Broadsides.

Don't charge him into Howling Banshees or power fists and you'll be fine.

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Default Re: New to Tau, Need advice

thanks.....so jut to be clear.....i should get a HH, and keep all 3 DF?
if i go with all 3, should i get more fire warriors? i need 8 more to have 3 12 man(tau?) squads. More kroot or just use what i have or not at all? I think i will put stim injectors and retro thrusters on my comander, with PR,FB,MT,TL. then ive got 3 XV-8s----Firekife or deathrain? iguess i can use magnets and not really decide at all.

also.....thougts on a PF team and 6-8 seekers on the vehicles?

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