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army question
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Default army question

what is the best or most used mech army ???
becasue i herd that useing 3 hammerheads is really good but why pay soo much for one when it missed alot and kills like 2 units per game while a broad side is alot better ....

and also whats the magic number of troops per unit ... like 20 kroot per squad .....

and iall most forgot ...if tanks get a 6 inch boosts on a raod do skimmers get any thing ??
"they got ded big shooty guns dat'll kill tons of boyz, but if yer can get near em den you've got a chance. just gotta make sure you bring loads of boyz,coz you anit gonna have a whole lot left when you get close enough ta crump em"

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Default Re: army question

Originally Posted by mattz

and iall most forgot ...if tanks get a 6 inch boosts on a road do skimmers get any thing ??
Read the entry for Roads on page 61. Your answer is in the first sentence.

As for the others, Broadsides are generally not used in a Mech army. Their firepower has the potential to be higher than that of a Hammerhead, but it is easier for an opponent to avoid them, or to destroy them in assault. The "magic number" of troops in a unit is a complicated question. I prefer to run full squads whenever I can, but there are valid reasons to run smaller units.
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Default Re: army question

Because a Hammerhead is fast and lethal. Where a broadside has only its twin linked solid shot the Hammerhead can have the Ioncannon which is better for toasting faster skimmers and medium armor but can also use the submunition for the Railgun which can whipe out hole squads in one shot. Ive done it before plenty of times. Even Marines have something to fear from a well placed submunition. Then you always have the solid shot if something nasty comes up. At BS 4 your shooting accuracy isnt bad and you can aid this with markerlight support from the Skyray if you still want to be pure mech and dont like pathfinders. Broadsides now with the a.s.s can move some and shoot but they dont have the mobility of the Hammerhead. Opponents can stay out of LOS of broadsides with not too much difficulty and they are always open to the risk of being assaulted where as a Hammerhead on the move (as it always should be) cant be hit without rolls of 6 and can just drive away from an assault. Assaults tie up broadsides shooting even if they do survive but not a Hammerhead.

Those are just a few of the reasons though. As for unit size I go with 12 man squads for static Firewarriors and 10 for mounted. Small crisis units work well and I prefere full 6 man stealth teams. Reasons being with a static gun line you want as many rifles as you can get and mounted putting all 12 out the rear hatch can get tricky. Others can go into far more detail about model numbers, try a forum search.

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