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What to buy?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default What to buy?

Im a new player, and i am going to play my first game this saturday. I almost have a 1000 point army but i still have room for a tank. I will play space marines, and there is also a tyranid and necron player at my club. Should i get the skyray or hh? Also i was wondering what would be the best crisis configuration to use. Thanks.
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Default Re: What to buy

For your first tank you'll almost certainly want an HH. The railgun is magnificent, and an ion cannon equipped hammerhead can do most of the things a skyray could. Don't glue in the main gun, in any case. You can file down the insides of the gun in such a way that it sits more deeply on the turret (do this before you glue the gun halves together.) That way you can swap them back and forth.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: What to buy

I will clarify for Dire as you are new.

HH= Hammerhead.

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Default Re: What to buy

don't permantly attatch the guns though, so you can switch between ion cannon and rail blasts. You can also use it as a devilfish which is a bonus. so don't glue them on. magnets or blue tak
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