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"Soul cleanse" crisis suits, would you use them?
View Poll Results: Would you use 3 crisis suits with fusion blaster, flamer and targetting array?
Nope, ain't gonna happen 3 5.88%
Maybe, depending on opponent 18 35.29%
Nope, ain't gonna happen 30 58.82%
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Old 13 Apr 2006, 16:33   #1 (permalink)
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Default "Soul cleanse" crisis suits, would you use them?

Well, i've got 3 boxed sets of crisis suits sitting here, and I've been pondering very deeply about their configuration.

So far i've been having some issues with tyranid monstrous creatures, terminators and other hard units. I spotted the soul cleanse suits in the codex, and they seem like a nice and aggresive tau unit which could really turn out to be the kinda shock-unit i've been looking for. They also just look kinda cool, and are nice and cheap points-wise.

Would you, given my army, use a unit of 3 with FB, FLamers and TAs?.

*** HQ *** = 110

Shas'el with airburst frag launcher, plasma rifle, missile pod & HW MT & HW BSF

*** ELITES *** = 150

3 XV8 crisis suits with 3 MP, 2 BC & MT 'vre with CIB

*** TROOPS *** = 345

11 bonded fire warriors with 2 carbines
1 devilfish with multi tracker and decoy launchers

11 bonded fire warriors with 2 carbines

*** FAST ATTACK *** = 187

6 pathfinders
1 devilfish with multi tracker, decoy launchers and 2 Seeker missiles

*** HEAVY SUPPORT *** = 485

hammerhead gunship with ion cannon and burst cannons, DL & MT + TL

2 broadsides + 2 shield drones

skyray gunship with burst cannons, DL & MT +TA
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Old 13 Apr 2006, 16:39   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: "Soul cleanse" crisis suits, would you use them?

I like using them but it more in th fun factor, than tatical. i use a sheild generator not a TA. i fell \if your going to get that close your going to need sheilding
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Old 13 Apr 2006, 16:45   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: "Soul cleanse" crisis suits, would you use them?

Well my plan is gonna be either JSJ a unit which i will totaly destroy with my whole army, or running in, flaming the crap out of everything and then charge (9 STR5 attacks aint bad).

Either way, i'm not planning on standing around to get shot at afterwards.

Also the shield gens are kinda pricey, and this unit needs to stay cheap as their life expectancy is about 1 turn after theyre used (even with shield generators)
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Old 13 Apr 2006, 17:04   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: "Soul cleanse" crisis suits, would you use them?

If I were you, I would go to http://www.amazingmagnets.com and buy some of their 1/8" Dia by 1/16" thick NdFeB magnets. Drill holes in your Crisis suits at the hard points, and similar holes in the weapons at those points. Make sure that the holes are just deep enough for the magnets. Superglue in the magnets, and you can completely alter your Crisis suit's weapon loadout whenever you want. Or you could use the 1/16" Dia by 1/32" thick magnets, put two in each weapon's mounting stub, and two in each hardpoint, and they would be undetectable.

That was just my two cents. I've done that to three of my crisis suits. I love the versitality, plus the magnets are so strong you can pick up and shake the model around and the weapons stay on, pointing the exact same way you put them on.
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Default Re: "Soul cleanse" crisis suits, would you use them?


I've honestly been thinking about a unit if these guys myself, but there lack of versatility would be a major bummer... :'(

Sounds decent in my army list though, so as soon as i get the suits (and the time!) i'd figure i'll make myself some.
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Old 13 Apr 2006, 19:24   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: "Soul cleanse" crisis suits, would you use them?

shas' els aren't worth it. it's shas'o or bust.

as for fusions and flamers...i personally hate those two weapons. flamer always puts me in range for some really nasty stuff, and being a relatively inexperienced player i'm not so good at keeping just out of assault range...plus crazy nids leap 12" into combat...

speaking of nids, my friend has an insane nid army. he has around 30 hormagaunts and 30 genestealers, and what he does is load out all the genestealers with i think it was carapace body armor giving them a 4+ save, so he actually gets saves against pulse rifle shots. then he gives his warriors leaping, so they proceed in cover then SHAZAM! all of a sudden every one of your warrior teams are engaged in combat, and you're in deep doodoo. not pretty, not pretty at all...
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Default Re: "Soul cleanse" crisis suits, would you use them?


I would never use that config, if I was worried about terminators and monstrous creatures I would use the helios config (plasma, fusion, multi-tracker) or a team leader with twin-linked plasma, missile pod or fusion & hard wired multi-tracker.


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Default Re: "Soul cleanse" crisis suits, would you use them?

Magents are too much work. Use blue tack!
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Default Re: "Soul cleanse" crisis suits, would you use them?

Blue Tack? Bah! Just put the weapons in, they fit their hole perfectly (most of time) and will stay in the holes.
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Default Re: "Soul cleanse" crisis suits, would you use them?

I like that magnets idea. Takes care of the whole configuration problem doesn't it.

If they hold fine for now, they might get a bit looser later, which the magnets would likely help in preventing the things from falling off.

Maybe its possible to set up a little brace or bracket to help keep'em together when constantly swapping; plus it might look nice if done right...
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