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Gue'vesa rough riders
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Old 13 Apr 2006, 13:30   #1 (permalink)
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Default Gue'vesa rough riders

I have played tau since their release. As I was really young, I lost my interest quickly and stopped playing playing as often. With the release of the new Tau Empire coddex, I have began playing more often. Tau, as you all know, have a major gap in their army. This gap being close combat.

I want to take the new awesome tallaran rough riders and put them into my tau army as gue'la allies. They would be a great unit to hid behind cover and then spring out opon units like a Blood Angles Death Company (hopefully partly injured) or wraiths. They may not win, but they would sure slow them down for the rest of my army. Anyone like this idea or think they will produce?
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Default Re: gue'vesa rough riders

Good idea not tourney legal but ok in friendly games with opponents permission. Your probably better off going for Kroot as a close combat unit they are balanced for the tau list and don't give us a immense boost that would take our list over the top, but it's up to you and if your friends are ok with why not try them but on the bikes like the ones feauturen in the Konversion Klinic on the GW site.
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Default Re: gue'vesa rough riders

i agree with GenGrave on this one. It wouldn't be tournament legal, since it's not part of a tau list, but you could easily play with them against your friends as long as its O.K. with them.

Think, it's not illegal yet.
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Default Re: Gue'vesa rough riders

Rough riders are insanely good.

My friends nurgle CSM army lost 26 marines in 1 combat phase due to a combined charge of 3 units of roughriders......

I'd get a unit of 8, but maybe have it count as 2 fast attack choices, cause otherwise it would be a little unfair.
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Default Re: Gue'vesa rough riders

Or you could maybe house rule it a little to make it more fair. instead of using rough riders from the imperial guard codex, why not take the Gue'vesa Stats, give them calvary movement, and add a few points to their cost, transfering them to fast attack. That way they are armed with lasguns and tau weapons instead of the special close combat weapons, so it's less cheesy, and maybe more fluffy. They'd be best used to deliver EMP grenades.
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Default Re: Gue'vesa rough riders

If you can get your hands on a Imperial Armor 3: Taros Campaign
There are Kroot Knarloc Riders in that book , and they might suit your need.
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Default Re: Gue'vesa rough riders

how much do the imperial armor books cost in a US convertion?

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Default Re: Gue'vesa rough riders

IA:3 is about $110 U.S.
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