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Piranha: praise or discard?
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Old 12 Apr 2006, 19:42   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Piranha: praise or discard?

tau pirhanas are quite weak with there defense. they have a low shooting capacity which could be done better with 6 fire warriors. the only thing it has is speed. taking table quarters still wont be too hard since we got other fast things. the extra 12 inches isnt that much of a help.

the questions is that-are phiranas useless?
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Default Re: phirana praise or discard

I intend on using them and am hearing different reactions.

It depends on how you use them and in what quantity.

Squadron of 4 piranhas or 5 also has a gun drone bonus.
A smaller one is more suited for tank hunting
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Default Re: phirana praise or discard

I think they'd be useful, especially with a Fusion Blaster. With their speed, they can jump from LOS-blocker to LOS-blocker to advance, then dart out to hit a target with 8+2d6 penetration. They are weak, though. Against low-terrain boards, I think they'd be over-exposed, but generally your opponent will be worried about Railguns first.

I'd say Praise!
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Default Re: phirana praise or discard

Praise be to the first legal Tau skimmer that does NOT USE THE DEVILFISH CHASIS!!!

Im so happy to see a vehicle that is not in that standard configuration we see on all our other vehicles. Plus the Piranha can be upgraded to a BS of 4 and given a fusion blaster, now thats not bad. Also buying medium to larger squadrons also gives you a nice drone squadron aswell for two nice fast attack units in one. They may not be that resilient but they certainly arent bad with the skimmer moving fast rule and being fast they need no multi tracker to keep up the shots at 12" movement and they can zoom a maximum of 24" to jet from cover to cover as they put some serious threat to the rear lines of our enemies and could be a very nice answer to those hidden basalisk, leman russ, whirlwind, or other ordanance menaces that constantly give me a headache by hiding as far back and out of the way as they can.

Would have been nice to see the tetra too but you cant have everything. Im deffinetly adding a few piranhas to my army and maybe more depending on how they do.

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Default Re: phirana praise or discard

how many space marine players use landspeeders? a good many of them do. why? because the speed and weaponry mix together to create what could possibly be a devastating vehicle.

now look at the piranha and what do you see. a landspeeder with shorter ranged weapons, that carry drones, and unlike the landspeeder has access to vehicle upgrades. all for the cost of a firewarrior more and the fact that it is considered open topped. but we also get 1 better armor to the front and can use up to five in a unit. thats two more than the landspeeder maxes out at.

when you also take into consideration that the unit of piranhas can drop the drones off at any time, and they create one full unit of gun drones, well thats two fast attack choices for the price of one.

I myself plan on buying five of them when they become available at the store I go to.
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Default Re: phirana praise or discard

Pirhanas rock.

Sure they're not terible resilient but they're fast and that's why I want them.

They give a Tau army straight line speed, (something we were lacking) as an excellent shock assault unit.

I've got three, and need one more to make a squad of 4.

I think from now on I'm going to be taking a school of these little fish in every game.

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Default Re: Piranha: praise or discard?

i will probably use a unit of 5 of them. though they ARE fragile, i hope to do enough damage before they die to make them worth it. i will probably put one fusion blaster in the mix with a target lock and targeting array, but the rest will be pure anti-infantry.

other uses for the pirannah include blocking assaults! use them to form a long horizontal line in front of your troops so pesky tyranids, orks, assault-oriented troops cant get to you.

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Default Re: Piranha: praise or discard?


One of the nicest plastic kits I've worked with in ages.

I plan on running 2 units:

Tank hunters
2 with fusion blaster

Fire Team Support
2 with burst to support any "on the ground fire teams"

The thing is, they don't carry much in the way of weapons, so the opponent has to decide if shooting them is worth it, then they can hopefully do the damage!
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lonely tau
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Default Re: Piranha: praise or discard?

i actually think that it is quite hard to make a list with them unless you are centering it around the Pihranna but that is my only gripe. i think i will try to get 2 boxes of 3 (when they go on sale for 50 bucks) so then i can fill out my fast atttack slot.
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Default Re: Piranha: praise or discard?

My dilema is this: I have a new box of 3 skimmers that were $70 canadian, now thw guys at GW said they were going up to $35 in a single box and the set of three box was a special promotion and was to be discontiued. I can either:

A.) Keep the box and save $35


B.) Take it back and get a much needed fire warrior squad and some paints

Its up to you, if piranhas suck, i take them back, if they dont i keep them.
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