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Local combat patrol Tournement
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Default Local combat patrol Tournement

Combat patrol tournement at the GW store. Sorry for being brief at the moment.

My Force....

5x Stealths
10x Firewarriors, shas'Ui + bonding knife

Round 1 - Tau versus Tau (joy!). 4x4' heavy terrain board filled with city rubble.

Facing two team man firewarrior teams, 8 gundrones and a shas'vre with fusion/Plasma/mT.

My devilfish set up in the centre of my deployment, behind terrain. He placed a squad of FW in cover in an opposite position in cover, with his Shas'vre behind and his other squad to the left, with a firelane across the board. Gun drones placed on the far right behind a building. Stealth suits infiltrated down the left flank.

Turn 1 - Stealths moved up, ripping into the open firewarriors before jumping back out of LOS. killed 6. Devilfish steamed forwards, unloading its BC and SMS into the Firewarriors in cover, 2 dead. In reply his Shas'vre moved up, outside rapid fire, rolling a 4 to damage the devilfish so nothing.

Turn 2 - Stealth suits jump out again, Firewarriors deploying from the devilfish as he moved up to around 4" of his commander. Stleahts fire on the squad in cover, taking down 5. Firewarriors Rapid fire the Commander, killing him outright. Devilfish SMS takes out the small 4 man team down the left flank with the aide of its burst cannon. His Firewarriors fail their leadership and fall back, gun drones moving up into terrain (loosing 2) and failing to shoot the firewarriors embedded behind the Fish, fails to damage the Transport.

Turn 3 - Stealth suits finish off the firewarriors who are falling back, Rapid firing firewarriors and Devilfish eliminate the remaining gun drones.

Victory for me.

Round 2 - Vanilla marines. Chaplain, 2 attack bikes, 3 scout bikes, scout team with missile launcher.

Set up all his bikes in cover on the left, chaplain alone on the right. Scouts infiltrated down the right into a destroyed skyscraper. My devilfish was deployed in the centre again, with front facing the Scouts, stealths inflitrated into ruins along the left flank. Scout bikes made their free move down next to the ruined building housing my stealths.

Turn 1 - Devilfish moves next to the terrain, stopping the scouts from firing, unloads its SMS into the attack bikes, 1 wound. Stealths move on foot through cover ( no way i was loosing them), unload 15 shots at the scout bikes, killing 2 failing his test, he falls back. In reply the attack bikes move up, with stealths in range now they unload, killing 2. Scouts unable ot take the fish focus on the stealths also, krak missile killing the remaining 3.

Turn 2 - Devilfish skims over the bikes, turning to face the scouts. SMS takes out the last scout bike while the burst cannons remove the final wound on the attack bike. Attack bike passes, zooms around to the rear of the devilfish and scores a shaken result, scouts fire does nothing.

Turn 3 - Devilfish skims over the ruined terrain, moving its rear to the edge and totally blocked from view from the scouts. Unloads firewarriors who tear into the bike, killing it. Chaplain moves up and manages to engage the fish in CC, hits, glances, 5! Reroll.....6! The devilfish crashes to the floor.

Turn 4 - Firewarriors clamber over the fishes hull, unloading all their fire into the chaplain, only scoring one wound. He charges back, but with the benefit of cover the firewarriors score a respectable wound, which the chaplain fails...FW win combat! Consolidate into the buildings.

Turn 5 - Firewarriors move up to the edge of the building, scouts finally fire, missiles misses, snipers don't...2 dead. In return the firewarriors retaliate, decimating the scouts.

Narrow victory for me.

Final - Slaneesh Marines. two squads of 6 one armed with lots of sonic weapons, 6 demonettes.

Deploying the fish deep behind cover and stealths along the right flank in the open. His Marines set up 6" from the edge on the right flank, with infiltrators coming just southwest of the centre.

Turn 1 - Marines near the centre move towards the stealths, fire but get no wounds. Second squad moves forward 6". Devilfish holds poisiton behind cover, firing its SMS into the squads pressuring the stealths, no wounds. Stealths unload into the same squad, 15 shots, 1 dead. The stealths retreat the the edge of the board.

Turn 2 - Daemonettes come in, scatter 9" in a direction away from my stealths! marines move up closer, failing to spot. Hit furthest squad also fails. Stealths move away, unloading into the daemonettes, killing 4. Devilfish jumps towards the rear squad with sonic weapons, unloads the Firewarriors....but an inch shot, only 6 are in range. with the combined SMS, BC and 6 RF firewarriors, one marine dies.

Turn 3 - Daemonettes and Marines move into cover down the left flank, unable to shoot the Stealths. marines on the right pass to fir at the firewarriors, killing 6, they fail leadership and fall back. Stealths walk into cover seperating them from the Marines on the left, firing again and killing 3. Devilfish retreats behind cover, firing the SMS at the Sonic marines, killing 1. Stealths retreat back.

Turn 4 - All Marines move forward along with daemonettes. one in cover fires and misses the stealths. Devilfish moves over to the left flank, as the stealths duck in behind to increase their chances, stealths kill the marine in cover, SMS on the devilflish fires at the sonic marines but does nothing.

Turn 5 - He rolls bad for terrain (1's and 2's) but moves them all forward, failing to fire at the stealths. Retreating into the table corner the stealths hold position, devilfish standing between them and the oncoming horde. SMS take down another Sonic marine....only 3 left.

Turn 6 - Sonic marines finally get through cover and fire at the stealths, kills 1....kills 2.....but saved the last wound. Stealths will count as scoring if they pass their leadership and don't run, which they do (just...got an 8). With the stealths and devilfish combined, they unload all their fire into the noise marines, killing one. Enough to reduce it to under 50%.

Victory for Tau!

Well there you have it. The slaneesh army was commented as being "cheesy" but i enjoyed each game very much. Really starting to like devilfishes with FoF (going to have to buy another one now *sob*).

....Ok, maybe not so brief

Wins: 46
Losses: 6
Draws: 4

"Just as the chaotic nature of these aliens is anathema to we of the Empire, so it is that the Tau'va is abhorent to them. They have no capacity to accept such glory and should be kulled so the Empires efforts may be spent in a more productive manner." attributed - Shas'O Rech'Ar
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Default Re: Local combat patrol Tournement

Excelent battles I see the SMS arent too shabby on the Devilfish, I may have to find a way to kit out my transports with that weaponry. Deffinetly well fought, you knew your army and let your enemies have it.

The Devilfish is a nice vehicle to bring to combat patrol. My own combat patrol force is 2, 8 man firewarrior teams bonded and with shas'ui both mounted in a 100 point fish. Works every time for me.

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