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Advantages Of Playing Tau Empire
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Default Advantages Of Playing Tau Empire

hi, I'm quite intrested in the new tau empire stuff that's come out, i love the models and highly advanced technology, but what i want to hear from you is what do you think the new Tau Empire are like, what new & old advantages do they have and so on.


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Default Re: Advantages Of Playing Tau Empire

Tau are very similar to Imperial Guard, in that they are a shooting army. Whereas IG stand a half chance in Assault, Tau absolutely do not. Tau also emphasize a more mobile approach to warfare, as our Fire Warriors can be mounted in Skimmer tanks, allowing them to quickly close to rapid fire range. Our battlesuits are also allowed an additional jetpack move in the assault phase to duck back behind cover or out of range.

Tau also have a much stronger focus on combined arms. One of our principle peices of equipment is a markerlight. Markerlights allow for a variety of effects, such as boosting the BS of an entire unit, reducing an enemy's cover save, or negating night fighting. The best way to field markerlights is with our pathfinder scouts, who are also mounted in devilfish.

On the weapon-side of things, we have the best basic infantry weapon in 40K, and absolutely absurd ranges. We also have the dreaded railgun anti-tank weapon. Our plasma is more stable then that of the Imperium, and does not overheat.

If you like solid weapons, good mobility, fighting "smart", and a complete inability in close combat, Tau are for you!
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Default Re: Advantages Of Playing Tau Empire

Shameless advertisement incoming! ;D

Heres a review of some of the units in the new codex and some of my favourite configurations for them

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Default Re: Advantages Of Playing Tau Empire

i think tau are a more favourable choice to pick if you like shooting, for example i played a iron warrior chaos player on saturday and he had a lord, squad, dread, basilisk and a defiler, using the combined arms approach of 2 fw squads 3stealths 2 mp/pr crisis, fb/fl and a tlbc crisis and mp/pr El i was able to destroy all but his lord in 2 turns then concentrated my fire on a lord with T5, 2+sv on turn three didnt even get to use my 24 fw's to fire before he died, cut long story short each part of the tau arm is made to compliment all the others alltho not sure bout the vespid aint used the yet
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Default Re: Advantages Of Playing Tau Empire

Tau area shooty army-perhaps more so than guard or eldar-basic guns punt out strength 5 shots-not to too shabby and they have the best gun in the game and some nifty tricks up their sleeves

also markerlights IMHO are the best "guns"in the game i never leave the manta without a team of pathfinders

awesome models and auxiliaries as well (so far the kroot,vepid and chapter approve gue'ves'la-human helpers)

there main weakness is combat-they aren't terrible in combat (apart from firewarriors) but when they are hitting stuff they aren't shooting it which, you could say, is a bad thing

hope that helps and may you prosper as tau shall

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Default Re: Advantages Of Playing Tau Empire

the tau are a great army, just don't fall in to the trap of "well this is the best unit so I have to use them", the list is built for the most part to compliment each other. the pathfinders on their own aren't the best, but mix them with broadsides or seeker missiles or even the basic fire warrior and they definitely become more valuable to you and your army. the same can be said for almost all of the rest of your army.

also, don't play them like Imperial guard. the guard are too static. and don't play them like they're eldar, they are way to frenetic (I think thats the right word). instead slowly get into them and try out the different configurations that your army can take until you come to a clear idea of what works and doesn't for you. an example: the new sky ray. for some people it is a must have auto include that goes into every army list they make. However for me I find them to not work well and although the model is cool (I will be buying one and painting it in my armies colors) I find no real need for it in my army.

just ask around for advice, and try to have fun.
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Default Re: Advantages Of Playing Tau Empire

don't get me wrong, the pathfinders don't work well on their own but with others they are great-that's what tau is about combining forces to achieve victory,

so here's a small essay on some of the choices you can take

if you choose to use pathfinders what do you want them to do? if you want to be able to pin your opponents look at taking gun drone squadrons and firewarriors with carbines or if you want to hit with lots of pulse rifles (like m army) then load up on pulse rifles and use your pathfinders to make the firewarriors BS5- your opponent never likes a load of self satisfied aliens rapid firing the stuffing out their favorite unit with unnaturally accuracy

battlesuits-these can deepstrike or start on the Field-they are god all rounders but low squad size and it does'nt pay to charge with them-you need to learn how to JSJ effectively as well

hammerheads can have multi purpose railguns or ion cannons-usefull against power armour-what you choose depends on your style of play and opponents

skyray-i don't know much about nor the sniper teams

the broadsides have TL railguns but need to be seen to be heard-unfortunately this also means they can be shot at so cover is usefull as is the A.S.S.

kroot - I don't like themodels that much so don't play with them- but they can get a bucketload of attacks in combat despite running around in rags

vespid have anti marine guns, a fast move but crummy armour- use them for support if you use them and guide them with markerlights

stealths i find can cause an irrational far with the enemy as they can JSJ and have stealth Fields

that is just a few of the choices that may catch your eye in the codex and remember it's better to have more of one unit than one of every unit

for more info look at ATT or he GW website,what ever you choose good luck, ad my the greater good guide you on the way to victory
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Default Re: Advantages Of Playing Tau Empire

The tau's indevidual units are not completely flexable and rely on eachother for fire support,markerlights and close combat support. The tau them selves are not good at all in close combat they prefer shooting. however you gain closecombat capabilitys with the taus allies the kroot who kick butt no matter what anyone tells you. Tau are very mobile and have some of the best shooting in the game and also one of the most feared tanks in the form of the hammerhead. playing tau requires patience as if you want to win you can not charge forward recklessly and your units depend on each other. your men have pretty good armor and leadership as well.
tau rock.

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Default Re: Advantages Of Playing Tau Empire

Yeah, there's a serious lack of options for the main troops; where other races will have heavy weapon guys, a souped-up melee sergeant, a psyker or whatever, we.. er.. get to use the guy to give 2 drones to the team. Or maybe take a markerlight.

However while things like our gundrone squads can only change in terms of models/unit, the special abilities we DO have are pretty damn nice.. targetting arrays, target-lock, multitrackers... to my knowledge those are abilities no other race can actually do, except for the occasional character special weapon. pretty cool.
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