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Crisis suit consideration?
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Default Crisis suit consideration?

I was thinking about this the other day - yes I know, thinking is a Very dangerous thing for me to do, but I was for once actually considering flamers. I used to be against them, but I thought the template was much smaller(after being torched by Sisters of Battle I found out differently) and the twinlinking always threw me off.

I've been considering a group setup to work much like the sting wings - toss em in to weaken a unit, or come around behind cover at a unit. Basicly The equipment would either be twinlinked flamers, and then a long range weapon like the Missile pod, or twinlinked missile pods and a flamer.
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Default Re: Crisis suit consideration?

If you are considering such close range calamity with you crisis suits, it might not be a bad idea to throw in a Shas'vre and give him the Airbursting whatsis... it ignores cover and has all the fun of a flamer, but wait, it ALSO doesn't use your ballistic skill...so you can blow apart your opponent with style! ;D

also, consider the other weapons options your choosing. at such short range, your battle suits would benefit greatly from fusion blasters, that way with the flamer/blaster combo, you can hunt down tanks and lightly armored units alike.
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Default Re: Crisis suit consideration?

I actually thought about that exact same thing today as I was sitting bored at work the other day.
Blaster/Targeting Array/Flamer.

Anyone have any experience with this?
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Default Re: Crisis suit consideration?

if your going for close multi-shot horde killers change the blaster for a burst cannon, with a targetting array you'll end up putting out more wounds.
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Default Re: Crisis suit consideration?

Originally Posted by Rechar
if your going for close multi-shot horde killers change the blaster for a burst cannon, with a targetting array you'll end up putting out more wounds.
Well I tried the Cyclic Blaster on an 'el with and it kinda worked. I am use to the Str 5 of most of our weapons so rolling to wound kinda sucked. CB kinda works on T3 guys, anything higher and it kind sucks.

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