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Playing Iron Warriors?
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Default Playing Iron Warriors?

The main army that i play against is iron warriors an although i usualy do quite well against them i was just wondering what other tau players do when they face them. the army i usualy play against is like this

HQ - chaos lord (lots of upgrades)

Elites - 3+ oblits usual all in different squads

Troops - several small min squads of CSM a couple with heavy bolters the rest with with lascannon/plasma gun

Fast - :-\ not in an Iron warrior army

Heavy - basalisk, vindicator and 2 preds one of each type.

my main problem is the amount of lascannan fire coming at my suits an hammerheads. i know once he used 16 lascannons in a 2k army.
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Default Re: Playing Iron Warriors?

Pathfinders; Seeker Missiles will take out his... army quickly. Skyray is a good choice.

Target Dilution: Use a Mechanized army and offer so many skimmer chassis he can't destroy them all!

Railheads are always good.

Assaulting them is always a good idea. Why shoot the best baseline gun in THE GAME when you have I2 and S3?
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Default Re: Playing Iron Warriors?

Target Dilution generally doesn't work in this environment. He CAN destroy them all. If you just want to win against this one guy with anything, go static. 72 fire warriors. 16 lascannons each turn killing about 1/10th of their points shooting at infantry. Good luck with that, mister marine!

You can try the assault Shas'O. Give him Stims, Vectored thrusters, and whatever else you want. Shoot, then charge devastators, fight for 2 rounds, jump away. Rinse and repeat. Just be careful there are no S8 weapons... power weapons really aren't fun either. Or rending. Well you get the idea. You can always take a shield gen, but then you can only have one gun, since the vectored thrusters take a hard point.
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