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Default konflict

what is wrong with my army. i went to conflict and the first game against a smurf player i LOST (a tad dodgey) the second game i drew against nids(darn death leaper) and the third game i lost against necrons becase in the 2nd turn he shot down my hammerhead with gaus flayeys. i dunno but you tell me, heres my army list

shas`o saul`naen w/rocket launcher, plasma rifle,fusion blaster and hw multi tracker

2 sets of 8 fw both w shas`ui

hammerhead w/ sms and rail gun

3 stealthsbonded w shas`vre

sniper drone team( ;Dyum)

god, save the powergamers from my wrath
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Default Re: konflict

First, when you say rocket launchers I'm assuming you mean the missile pod.

List: I see three flaws when I look at your list, one is the low number of firewarriors you have, get some more, make larger squads. Another is that there aren't any crisis battlesuits. You need at least two of these guys in a decent sized battle, they bring strong weapons, and good armour piercing. Last, but not least, you need to give your hammerhead something to protect itself with, against tyranids that's the flechette discharger, against shooty armies thats the disruption pod, and maybe decoy launchers. Now besides that you have a pretty good list, (you also need to state what weapons your firewarriors have, and if any stealths have fusion blasters). It might not have been your list, but your tactics, post a battle report, or briefly describe what you did.
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Default Re: konflict

Clean up the spelling.

You need to rebuild from the ground up, as I do not think that the list is any good, and right now looks like it may be a powergamer list.

And who care if you win of lose, as long you enjoyed the game.

:rockon: Rock on brothers,
The Mothman
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Default Re: konflict

erm, where's your army?

thats like what 680 points of tau?

sorry but i cant help you if you post an incomplete list.
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Old 09 Apr 2006, 13:24   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: konflict

Hm........this is what think. I think the list is too small even for a 100point game.

1)Too, much weapons : Specialise him in something. Also it is save to put in the shield generator. The wargear is vital dude.

2)small squad of FWs: Max them if you don't want to put them in devilfishes. Also make them bonded.

3)Hammerhead: Good weapon, but you need more protection and stuf. Put in the multi tracker(this is a staple foer all devilfishes. I'm suprised that you didn't put it in) and a decoy launcher.

4)stealth suit: Downgrade the shas'vre to team leader. Also equipped them with targetting array

5)sniper drone: ur.........don't even put him in. have another hammerhead with ion blaster and burst cannon. If not he use a broadside.

As mothman here said, you pratically have to built the list from square 1.

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lonely tau
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Default Re: konflict

i can rebuild the list to make it quite effective but you need to list ALL of your TAU models.
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Default Re: konflict

I agree with lonely Tau. If that's all you've got to work with, you need to state how many points games do you generally use for a game.

The hammerhead needs more upgrades (A hammerhead without a multitracker?! I think that might be an unforgiveable sin!) Don't be afraid to pile on the upgrades, it's a very expensive base chassis and a very powerful vehicle, and our vehicle upgrades are some of the best in the game.

There is no point bonding a 3 man stealth team, and even less of a point giving them a Shas'Vre. Leave them plain, unless you want to try the fusion blaster thing. You can always give them targetting arrays - if you want your stealths to kill more, but don't have more models, that is a good way to do it.
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