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Ethereal as Close Combat-Booster
Closed Thread
Old 08 Apr 2006, 23:05   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Ethereal as Close Combat-Booster


when an Ethereal dies, all the other Tau (including that neat O'Shovah-killteam) get the benefit "Arch Enemy" (right?) on the enemy. So would it be wise to let your Ethereal die soon and get a considerable cc-boost on your Tau units? It would "cost" only 50 points, but you'll face several morale checks that may cause you causalities (units fleeing off the table), denied shots and bad shooting positions.
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Default Re: Ethereal as Close Combat-Booster

It's not worth it. At all.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Ethereal as Close Combat-Booster

Why not?

And I forgot that it is not possible to take O'Shovah and Ethereals in the same list.
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Default Re: Ethereal as Close Combat-Booster

So far their is really nothing to justify puposely getting an etheral killed. The benefits are not worth an army wide moral check.
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lonely tau
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Default Re: Ethereal as Close Combat-Booster

i just thought of a question, if the Aun'Va is playing in an army and there is another friendly Tau player who hasnt included him in his army thenif the Aun'Va dies will he have the same affect as the other Tau guy gets? wonderful questions.
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Default Re: Ethereal as Close Combat-Booster

First of all, Tau are bad at CC for their poor Initiative. That is it.

... I imagine the non-Aun'va troops celebrate removing a haggred old Ethereal who is only getting in the way of the Greater Good.
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Default Re: Ethereal as Close Combat-Booster

Remember, your going to be beating that old curmudgeon Aun'va for quite some time with so many wounds, not to mention that he has a toughness that is better then anything else in the entire tau codex... (except when it comes to Instant Death! testing)
However, you get Furious Charge when Aun'va kicks the bucket, along with preferred enemy (and a nation wide moral check )

I also considered using this tactic of purposely knocking off the ethereal in order to boost the Cc ability's of the tau, but when you look at the harm that it would cause to an army who's main troops have a basic Leadership of 7...

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Default Re: Ethereal as Close Combat-Booster

Personally I think Tau and CC don't mix.

After reading and re reading the rules to Aun Va, I may think it is possible with low toughness troops, but I would not go against any troops that have a lot of power weapons or toughness 4.

I do think it would be a great decloy to pull the enemy in. With Aun'Vas double cover save, I think it would work well. Pull them into a rapid fire range.

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