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Giving the Vespid a more mech look?
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Old 07 Apr 2006, 18:02   #1 (permalink)
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Default Giving the Vespid a more mech look?

Okay im about to start may Tau empire amry and im going for mech camo look. The kroot are going to have more leather/cloth material put on (greenstuff) but then I looked at the Vespids how can I mech them up? The only way I can think is to give them like a face paint to match there green armour.
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Default Re: Giving the vespid a more mech look?

Well I'd suggest painting there insect like plates a metallic color maybe?
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Default Re: Giving the vespid a more mech look?

Perhpas paint some of their plates like they were actually armour - and despite how much I disike the idea - make the wings more metal and folding, perhaps some cardboard, like attached image....

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Default Re: Giving the Vespid a more mech look?

buy the helmet for all of them and see about adding armour to the legs and the arms. if you want a more mech look
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Default Re: Giving the Vespid a more mech look?

maybe use some battle- or stealthsuit parts, or use green stuff to make similar things..
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