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Proposed Tau focus rules
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Default Proposed Tau focus rules

If Tau are merely unable to focus as quickly as other races they should translate that into a rule. How about if the unit remains stationary it is focused on it target so its bs is 4 but if the unit move its is unable to focus clearly and its bs is 3?
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Default Re: Proposed Tau focus rules

I think the rules was introduced more to slightly stunt the Tau firepower, if every unit had BS4 intiially - garnated no moving - then they would start becoming a little unfair. The part about focusing was probably put in to back that balancing rules some way, to complement the profile, not the other way around.

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Default Re: Proposed Tau focus rules

Right. Their BS is 3 for balance reasons, and to make Markerlights a more integral part of the army. The fluff reasons were all introduced to justify this.
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Default Re: Proposed Tau focus rules

Ok i just thoguht that would be kinda cool. I havn't seen the new codex too extensively yet so i didn't know how much that would offset a game but I hear there are a lot of new marker light features so i'm guessing they balance the tau out a bit more?
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Default Re: Proposed Tau focus rules

BS 4 all around would be wonderful, but then we'd probably have 12 or 13 point Fire Warriors.

I dunno if BS 4 is realistic for the general squad member, either. I mean BS 3 is average for a trained human soldier, BS 4 is standard for the Space Marine who is heavily modified and trains near constantly. I see Tau somewhere between, after reading Fire Warrior. They are soldiers with a professional attitude and a sense of honor that drives them to excel, but Fire Warriors consist of both newly trained soldiers and veterans. Giving a soldier just out of basic training a BS 4 when a Space Marine trains for years for the same rating doesn't seem right.

Besides, like Khanaris says, we have markerlights to compensate.
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