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Making Tau with lots of camouflage (ideas welcomed)
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Default Making Tau with lots of camouflage (ideas welcomed)

Im going to start a Tau army and I want to go for a green camo look. My idea to aid this is all figures with Helmets and I was thinking of flocking some netting and putting it on some models to add to the camo look.

Anyone have any idea that could help me.
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Default Re: Making Tau with lots of camouflage (ideas welcomed)

Every played command and conquer generals, a unit called the pathfinder sinatantly screams at me:

http://www.ea.com/official/cc/genera...eneral_ability and scroll down, just one very simply idea.

Take a look at some of the vehicles in the book near the experience section also, theres a good walker there.

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Default Re: Making Tau with lots of camouflage (ideas welcomed)

My army in progress (500 pts painted so far) is in camo colours. We don't have power army to go prancing around in; so trying to remain concealed as long as possible just makes sense. I mean if the firewarriors in the codex showed up in the jungle or forrest they would be screwed. The septs generally have color schemes to match their climate; so I am just saying that mine are trained to fight in more arboreal enviroments (firewarrios aren't stupid afterall).
I am not the best painter, but with alot of drybrushing they look pretty good. I prime them black and then go over them with darkangels green to give them a slight green tinge. Then I lightly* blotch on bestial brown, goblin green, cacthacan (pardon the spelling) green , and chestnut brown; in a patterned look. I use the lighter colors first; and then use the darker colors to tone them down and gives a nice dark camo look with some bright spots. Solid Chestnut brown on the hooves/boots and gloves, red gore on the sensor nodes of the helmet and on the end of the pulse rifle and they look pretty sweet. I am pondering basing them in craft peat moss.

Anywho, just an idea...and for me I like the look. Even looks pretty good on crisis suits too (though on them I usually use some color on the weapons themselves).
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Default Re: Making Tau with lots of camouflage (ideas welcomed)

The new White Dwarf, with the Giants, has a how-to on camo, on a Tau Vehicle, too!
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