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Tau weapons, Part one: Effectiveness
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Default Tau weapons, Part one: Effectiveness

Burst Cannon:
Alright, we have three units that can host these: Vehicles, (Hammerheads, devilfishs), Crisis Battlesuits, and XV25 stealth battlesuits. An effective gun with multiple shots, it can cause quite some pain to all means, (besides maybe a few vehicles, and really tough opponents), in which case you might be wasting your shots. Looking at it's record:
Stealth Suit w/ Targetting Array, and burst cannon:
Hit's on a 3+, (66.6% chance of hitting), wounds an imperial guardsmen on a 2, (83.3% chance), and a space marine, or ork on a 3, (66.6% chance). The average squad of stealths is around 4 suits, (12 shots from the burst cannon).
GEQ Kills:
7.872 hit, (8 rounded)
6.584 wound, (7 rounded)
GEQ deaths: 7
MEQ Kills:
Yet again, 7.872 hit, (8 rounded)
5.248 shots wound, (5 rounded)
MEQ deaths: 1.67, (2 rounded)

Setup: Crisis Battlesuit w/ Plasma Rifle, flamer, targetting array, hard-wired multi-tracker
GEQ: Flamer template covers like what?... eight guardsmen? Well, I'll just assume that:
GEQ kills:
All are hit, (template)
Wounds on threes, 5.248 wound, (5 rounded)
GEQ deaths: 5.248
MEQ kills:
All are hit, (template)
wound on fours, 4/8 wound, (half)
1.336 fail their saves, (one rounded)
Good to have the battlesuit that's holding the flamer use a multi tracker, as the flamer doesn't cause enough damage, so equip it with a plasma rifle, (as you'll be close enough to rapid fire by the time you can use the flamer).

Ion Cannon:
Just as effective against marines, as it is on guardsmen.
GEQ kills:
1.986 hit, (2 rounded)
1.645 wound, (two rounded)
two guardsmen fall. And it is just as effective against marines, (so on the average 1-2 marines fall to it).

Kroot Rifle:
Like the bolter, but more primitive, it has served kroot well. It wears down the enemy while they get closer, for the rapid firing to take effect when they're closer to finish them off, and while sometimes this doesn't work, kroot are decent in close combat, and can hold their own.
GEQ kills:
Group of 16 shooting:
8 hit, (half)
5.248 wound, (5 rounded)
3.500 guardsmen fail their saves, (4 rounded, 8 if rapid firing)
MEQ kills:
8 hit, (half)
4 wound, (half)
1.336 marines fall, (1 rounded, 2 if rapid firing)

Kroot Gun:
Group of three shooting, (krootox)
GEQ kills:
1.5 hit, (2 rounded)
1.646 wound, (2 rounded)
2 guardsmen fall
MEQ kills:
0.668 MEQ fall, (1 rounded)
So as you can see, the kroot gun doesn't do much against troops, it goes better against lightly armoured vehicles, such as raiders, ravagers, and possibly dreadnoughts.

The markerlight, infamous for it's ability to raise BS, has effected many battles, utilized by pathfinders, it can be quite effective, (several can hit in one turn). The markerlight rules have changed, (I like them more now, as more then one person can use the effect, although it's not as focused).

Missile Pod:
Like the kroot gun, but has a bigger capacity for ammunition, therefore getting more shots, and can be used with the more long range effective crisis battlesuits. It is a good way to take down dreadnoughts, and other lightly armoured vehicles.

Plasma Rifle:
In my opinion, the best weapon a battlesuit can use, it pierces all armour, is strong, and has decent range. It's price has increased a tad, but not enough to not take it. Group of three shooting: (Targetting Arrays).
GEQ kills:
1.968 hit, (2 rounded, 4 if rapid firing)
1.646 wound, ( 2 rounded, 3 if rapid firing)
2 guardsmen fall, (three if rapid firing)
MEQ kills:
The same can be said for space marines, (so it's a good marine killer).

Pulse Rifle:
The core weapon of any tau army army, very effective as they're cheap, and come in large numbers.
Group of 20 shooting:
GEQ kills:
10 shots hit, (half, 20 if rapid firing)
8.23 shots wound, (16 if rapid firing)
GEQ deaths: 8, 16 if rapid firing
MEQ kills:
10 shots hit, (20 if rapid firing)
6.56 wound, (16.46 if rapid firing)
2.19 fall, 5.49 if rapid firing, so a steady stream of enemy deats.

Pulse Carbine, and pulse pistol:
Pretty much the same as a pulse rilfe, (in terms of strength, and armour piercing), but can't be used at the same range level. However, the pulse carbine can be used to pin, however the increasing amount of high leadership foes brings it's effectiveness down a small bit. The lower part of the post in this link explains them: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.ph...#msg1057995379

Fusion Blaster:
A great Tankbusters weapons, it's high strength, and low armour piercing can take care of most vehicles, and strong troops, but it's short range limits its use. best on deepstriking behind vehicles, as it can get a quick shot in, and then change it's views to other troops. Group of three shooting with fusion blasters, (all have targetting arrays):
1.968 shots hit, (two rounded)
1.646 shots wound, (two rounded)
so two GEQ deaths, or MEQ deaths, doesn't matter, the same to both, now to vehicles:
Dreadnought, (two hit), half penetrate, (one), and you have a 50% chance of destroying the vehicle, or a 16.6 percent chance of making it explode.

The solid shot is the ultimate in vehicle killing, while the submunition is the ultimate in hordes killing. You will automatically penetrate a raider, or ravage, and most vehicles side, and rear armour with the solid shot.
Firing into a vehicle:
Lets say we're firing into a dreadnought. You penetrate it's front on a 2, (an 83.3% chance of penetrating), and then you have a 50% chance of destroying it.
Submunition hit's on a three, (66.6% chance of hitting), for statistics we'll go ahead and say it hits. The large blaste marker covers around 8-12 gaunts, you have an 83.3% chance of wounding them, and they don't get saves. It's a very flexible gun, but it's best to glue magnets to the gun slot on your hammerhead, and to each of the guns, as railguns are good, but not too effective against marines.

Rail Rifle:
With the newly announced Rail Rifle for pathfinders, they have a better chance of killing marines.
Shooting with three rail rifles from a pathfinder squad at a group of marines, (you hit on 4s), so 1.5 hit, (2 rounded), you wound on twos, (83.3% chance of wounding), 1.645 wound, (2 rounded), two die.

Seeker Missile:
Once you've stuck a markerlight to an object you can use your vehicles to shoot huge missiles that are effective against all, as they're quite strong. With the target blinking you have an 83.3% chance of hitting, and a 83.3% chance of wounding most enemies, the only exceptions are vehicles, decked out carnifexes, and a C'tan. While the new tau codex has given us a more strict limit on seeker missiles, we have the new Sky Ray missile defense gunship, that hods a ton of these things. (Pathfinders are good friends with them).

Smart Missile System:
Tool of the broadsides, and weapon of the Hammerhead, these are very helpful in cityfight battles, as no line of sight is needed, and it gives you a steady stream of rockets.
2.624 hit, (3 rounded)
2.469 GEQ wounds, 1.968 MEQ wounds, (both are 2 if rounded)
2 guard deaths, and 1.312 MEQ deaths, (1 rounded)

Vespid Neutron Blasters:

Originally Posted by Falstead
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Default Re: Tau weapons, Part one: Effectiveness

This is FANTASTIC!! This data helps SO MUCH!! PLEASE keep going with it, i love to see raw hard numbers.
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Default Re: Tau weapons, Part one: Effectiveness

I agree.

This is an excellent reference for the Members of Tau Online.
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Default Re: Tau weapons, Part one: Effectiveness

Give this man a karma cookie! ;D (unless of course he already got on for this, in which case give him a pat on the back to acompany it)
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Default Re: Tau weapons, Part one: Effectiveness

YAY Prise be to Toast Master for this appraisal on the glorious Tau weaponry!! Toast Master is the MASTER!
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Default Re: Tau weapons, Part one: Effectiveness

Yee. Numbers, i like numbers

But seriously - this compilation is very usesfull. Cheers for ToastMaster!
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Default Re: Tau weapons, Part one: Effectiveness

i might as well say it here because i can but personally i dont really like these things. now i mean no offences to anyone but almost any idiot can open a book and the people that we want to be playing 40k (aka literate people) can read the codex to get stats. im done there

i think that a personal experience should be taken into account when writing these but otherwise pretty good.

P.S. the rant is to ALL who are thinking about doing this, not anyone in particular and it shows only my views on it.
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