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Rail Rifles in Fire Warrior squads. Why not?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Rail Rifles in Fire Warrior squads. Why not?

Why the rail rifles are not available to our firewarriors units? It's clearly a nonsense to give so interesting weapons only to the pathfinders squads (who, in my opinion, are not created for fighting, just for marking units to the rest of the army and avoid direct combat (that's why the have the devilfish)).
In the past, the rail rifles, where experimental weapons not very widespread, but in the new codex they have solved the initial design problems and the weapon is mass produced. Again, why not to the FW too?
If you think in gaming terms, all armies have squads of heavy weapons or can change a number of troop's weapons for heavy ones (ie: Heavy bolters, lascannons, etc...) Why not Tau if they are a "gunner" army?
You loose some of mobility, but increase the power of our FW squads; you keep the spirit of Tau avoiding close combat and makes more attractive the use of markerlights.
A good rule could be you're able to change up to four pulse rifle/carabine for rail rifles.
What do you think?

Thanks given in advance to all who answer this topic
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Default Re: Rail Rifles in Firewarrios squads. Why not?

I disagree completely.
You just want and unfair advantage,with the new codex Tau are even more versatile,
A high AP weapon being carried by the basic troops,let alone four of them stinks of cheese.

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Default Re: Rail Rifles in Firewarrios squads. Why not?

I thought about that exact scenario in the months before the new Tau 'dex was released. After doing some playtesting with my buddies at my home, we all decided that this is decidedly...A BAD THING! Fire warriors are the staple troop for Tau and as I see it, should not be saddled with a heavy weapon slowing them down. Before you say it, I play a gun line Tau army so I know the value of the Rail rifle. Why do Pathfinders wield this potentially devastating weapon? They're the eyes of the cadre. I see the Rail rifle added to their unit to "Neutralize" possibly troublesome units. They excell at slowing down most, and I use the term lightly, units. The built in Target Lock allowing them to target units outside the rest of the pathfinders makes them particularly usefull in their role of pinning the enemy in place. What use is this to Firewarriors who's role is the systematic removal of enemy units? One of the things that drew me to the Tau as a second army was the specialization of their units...that and shooting and actually hitting things on a regular basis! ;D The rail rifle while a dangerous weapon in the hands of a Fire Warrior, really should be left to filling the role, as I see it, its designers...uhmm... designed.
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Default Re: Rail Rifles in Firewarrios squads. Why not?

I think maybe 1 per full squad of 12 would make sense and be fair, but in actuality that's they made sniper drones for. I do agree that RR's can clash in PF units sometimes (though I do have 3 in mine).
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Default Re: Rail Rifles in Firewarrios squads. Why not?

this is what the fire warrior markerlights are for. being able to send a seeker missile down on the enemy is way better than any rail rifle could be. give a shas'ui a markerlight combined with an infantry hard-wired multitracker and you can fire the mrkerlight and pulse rifle/carbine in the same turn. this is much better than giving up 2 rapid fire pulse shots for a heavy weapon
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Default Re: Rail Rifles in Firewarrios squads. Why not?

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Default Re: Rail Rifles in Firewarrios squads. Why not?

Originally Posted by Padawan
You loose some of mobility
Well, you sort of answered your own question right there.

Also, as bongo said, you're giving a sniper rifle to a basic troop. That's a big smelly block of green moon cheese right there. Just leave the tau the way they are. If it aint broke (too much) don't try to fix it, eh?

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Default Re: Rail Rifles in Firewarrios squads. Why not?

I agree with most here, it is a specialised weapon for a specialisted unit, not a regular unit. At a push it could go to a unit as a single choice like biggdawggnt says; but I would rather it not.
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Default Re: Rail Rifles in Firewarrios squads. Why not?

While we're at it, let's make multimeltas count as assault 1 instead of heavy 1 when carried by power-armored troops...and allow any melta to be upgraded to multimelta for 5 points.

And let's let rough riders have power weapons and carapace armor for 5 points a model.

And let's allow Ksons to have all the weapons that the other branches of chaos take for granted, instead of nothing but bolters.

Shall I go on? :
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Default Re: Rail Rifles in Firewarrios squads. Why not?

especially with the new markerlight rules that let you fairly easily boost your fw squads to BS 5 this would be rediculously overpowered... Even without markerlights you'd be forcing a pinning test and picking off models of anything (short of terminators) from 36" which means for most games you'll play it'll start the very first turn. Also I'm pretty sure all rail rifles now have target locks which would just go further to make them evil and wrong in fire warrior squads.

Tau under the new codex are amazing, they don't need rail rifles in fire warrior squads...
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