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How many hammerhead?
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Default How many hammerhead?

Hi all,

I will buy some tau from a friend and he got one hammerhead and a devilfish and i saw that the hammerhead sprue is only 6$CAN so i though, 3 hammerhead could really rock 8) What do you think?3 Rail gun or 2 and 1 Ion cannon?

I play a hybrid army but more static than mobility, i got 5 FW squad and 1 kroot squad,4 crisis, 2 gun squadron squad and maybe 3 HH. I think about making some stealth suit. I don't know all of my friend army so i don't know exactly what i will get so maybe he got some more crisis.

Thanks for future help.
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Default Re: How many hammerhead?

The Germans have a saying "Einmal est Keinmal" meaning "Once is as good as never."

If you take one hammerhead railhead, take two. They are fire magnets, and inevitably, and at best, you're going to be stunned and shaken frequently, so make him use his heavy weapon fire a lot.

Also, if you're staying static, or mostly static, broadsides are cheaper and fill your strategy out better, in many cases.

I play mechanized with 3 heavy tanks most games. I'll try to adapt to broadsides down the road when my sniper drones are ready to go.
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