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GW Tactics at advanced level (GW words)
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Default GW Tactics at advanced level (GW words)

There is the second stage of Tactics for Tau.

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: GW Tactics at advanced level (GW words)

Sadly, not that impressive. It's always nice to read stuff they write, but you can go here or to ATT and read around and have found the same information, just more of it.
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Default Re: GW Tactics at advanced level (GW words)

It is a huge improvement over previous GW Tau tactical articles. If nothing else, it demonstrates how effective the on-line communities have been in developing and promoting these tactics.
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Default Re: GW Tactics at advanced level (GW words)

I'm just glad that they've finally stopped giving just plain god-aweful advice like "i never buy vehicle upgrades, as they are a waste of point...". They still use very very poor army lists sometimes tho, but thats mainly white dwarf (youd think after playing warhammer for like 5-20 years they'd know how to make an army list that DOESNt look like it was written by a monkey using its own faeces, but hey)

All in all, a pretty good set of reports for first time tau players, and tau wannabe-players.

Still not anywhere near the level of some of the people on this site of course

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Default Re: GW Tactics at advanced level (GW words)

"Mobile Tau"? I will crush whatever traitor to the Greater Good uses that phrase!
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Default Re: GW Tactics at advanced level (GW words)

What annoys me is that the Vespid section is titled, "BUZZZZZZZZZZ". I mean, come on, that wasn't funny, and it sure doesn't add anything to the tactica. For shame GamesWorkshop, for shame: http://uk.games-workshop.com/tau/tactics-basics/10/
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Default Re: GW Tactics at advanced level (GW words)

I am sorry to say this but I have already posted it here:

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