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Crisis Suits The units I never use.
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Default Crisis Suits The units I never use.

When 4th edition came out and gun drones were no longer able to take wounds before crisis suits, and obstructing LOS with a friend unit ended, I ditched my crisis suits (which is sad, because I have like 15 of them, including 3 forgeworld). I would on occasion use a pair in an Elite slot, but mostly I played a Mech list with at least two Railheads, and lots of S5 AP5 weapons in FWs with Fish or Stealth teams toward the end of my playing before Tau Empire was released.

A good Tau tactician, TonkaTruckDriver (who posts at those sites that Im banned from see signature) convinced me of a different methodology for my Crisis Suits rather than standard FireKnife configurations, in that he successfully presented a logical argument to go with Twin-Linked plasma or TL Missile Pods. The former can take advantage of rapid-fire, AP2 and JSJ, the latter can safely stay at standoff range and provide mid-range fire support against heavy T or light armor.

Anyhow, the argument went with TL being essential because youre firing on BS3, and TL effectively gives you a great to hit chance.

Im really not a fan of crisis suits, except the HQ versions due to their IC status and now their special issue wargear capabilities. I do love those. But regular suits miss the mark in my play style, and Im looking for advice on employing them with greater success. I like the models, but they still scream at me Too expensive, too easy to kill.

The only thing that Crisis Suits do for me that I cant do in other situations is carry S7 weapons (MP) or AP2 weapons (plasma). For everything else, I have fallen back to either Stealth Suits (mass fire, JSJ, Sv 3+, cheaper/more survivable) or Fire Warriors (dirt cheap, better range at a compromise in the S weaponry that Crisis can take). And of course, Railheads.

Mechanization cost me the same points for a DF outfitted properly as a unit of two crisis suits in Fireknife configuration. As I examine my play style, one thing remains true about me, and that is that Im a linear thinker. Great focus, weak imagination. Mech took care of Taus vulnerability to fast charging horde armies, but in games where I have to deal with lots of anti-tank fire, and my enemy gets a bit above the average on his glancing rolls, I have a lot of skimmers falling out of the sky. I hate that

With Tau Empire, Im more fond of Fire Warriors than ever, because I believe in the markerlight, big time. The flexibility even two markerlight hits give each turn is enormous. Fire Warriors hitting on 3s, well, it makes marines hang their head in despair.

But I still have this desire to bring a hybrid element to my game, and to experiment even with 50/50 or less mobility. I have a good unit of Broadsides to employ, I have sniper drones, and Kroot, and if Im going with less tanks, I might as well consider an actual static army.

So what are the philosophies for arming and equipping crisis suits and in their proper employment?

I generally try to build all-comer lists, but I do from time to time (as in my league) know who Im playing against, so Ill tailor a list to that enemy. With as much variety as you can go with in Crisis Suits, it seems to me that specialty armaments are the way to go (I have the elite slots anyway!).
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Default Re: Crisis Suits The units I never use.

with the new codex, crisis suits are both cheaper and can afford better protection (new shield drones)

a few good units of suits:

2 XV8s with twin missile pods and flamers
=84 points

2 XV8s with twin plasma, 1 flamer and 1 drone controller with 2 shield drones
=136 points

3 XVs with missile pods, burst cannons and multi trackers
=150 points
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Default Re: Crisis Suits The units I never use.

I am thinking about this unit:

2 XV8 w/ TL missile pod & Targetting Array
1 XV8 Shas'Vre w/ TL missile pod, ABFL, HW Multi-tracker, HW Drone Controller w/ 2 Shield Drones, and HW Target Lock.

total Cost: 224 pts.

This unit sits with my Fire Warriors, lending them heavy weapon support. When the hoard of little things come up, the ABFL goes into action. If I need more shots then I can add the fire from the other 2 suits.
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Default Re: Crisis Suits The units I never use.

Coolflame616 are you looking at 'all comers' for these suits...

a few good units of suits:
2 XV8s with twin missile pods and flamers
=84 points
This is from the longest range to the shortest range in one unit

2 XV8s with twin plasma, 1 flamer and 1 drone controller with 2 shield drones
=136 points
I like this for up close and personal

3 XVs with missile pods, burst cannons and multi trackers
=150 points
I suppose that this is used as an anti infantry/transport configuration

At the moment I am unsure as to the configuration of my Crisis Suits. I will eventally arm them up as the configuration needed to deal with the job I have assigned them. I want one unit to get in close and harass the enemy so will probably go with Fusion and Plasma with Multi-tracker.

Stealth's/Broadsides and HH will do the rest for me. I think that my Crisis Suits may well go the way yours went.

I only see an up close and personal tasking for my Crisis Suits in my army.
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Default Re: Crisis Suits The units I never use.

I see. well, many people have their own style of gaming. Some like broadsides, some like Hammerheads.

But the way to use them is a rather subtle art.

They are what you would call the jack of all trades and a master of one(Depending on what you want them to specialize).

there are 2 choices about how you arm them. I won't venture into the types of configurations as we know them all.


They are mega- specialize in what weapon they carry. Although they have less shots but they have more accurate fire. that is good if you want your enemies dead for good. But they wont bring down an entire unit in one go. You have to erode the enem little by little. This approach is what I call the
"yin approach". More finesse, less brutality.

Examples are Deathrains, Sunforge, and burning eye configuration.


These guys are aiming to be more diverse in their weapons. They may be specialize to kill something, but each weapon is a different toll. But what they lack in accuracy, they make it up in brute firepower. They may miss, but the number of shots may mow down more opponenets. This is what i would call the "Yang approach". Brute strenght, less finnese.

For philosophy regarding crisis suits, here is mine.

Speed is power

Physics says that the force of something can be multiplied with the velocity of the object. Thus even in science, they have proven that speed is power.
Speed is of the essence. You can make the world seem shorter with the advent of speed. A rock is harmless on the floor, but when you throw it it becomes a weapon.

But as they say, you must be stable to beat all the odds. So if you rely too much on speed, you may suffer from it. A good example of this would be the cheetah. It is the fastest land animal on earth, but it can't fight with a lion over its food.

Power is strenght.

That is another fundamental. With power you will be able to repulse and give your enemy a hard and decisive blow. Take a jackhammer and swing it at a car. That is power.

But with brute strengh, there is bound to be a weakness. Too much power will totally decrease the finnese and causes unnecessary collateral damage.

Thus for me the Tau,more so the crisis suit embodies both aspect. It is mobile and its weapons are powerful. With the two combination, it is unmatched.

But if you want a vehicle killing platfrom and heavy infantry there is only a few.


2)Fire knives


4)burning eye

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Scorpions : Corn Snakes : Basilisks

Originally Posted by Emlyn
Originally Posted by FT
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Default Re: Crisis Suits The units I never use.

TL Missile pods+drone controler and 2 gund drones each can cause a quiet frankly horendus amount of damage at long range and even more at short agenst just about anything. Throw a cheap commander with a sheild drone in there and that unit can, with the proper support, tear the still beating heart out of the enemy.
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Default Re: Crisis Suits The units I never use.

My army always has a squad of Stealths for quantity of fire.

The other two slots are filled with either one, or two XV8's equipped with deathrains or burning eyes (each with Targetting arrays...they have specific duties, and i want them to hit as much as possible).

I have never had any problem with them, they both perform excellently and don't cost too much (130pts for the dearest pair).
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Default Re: Crisis Suits The units I never use.

I will have one Shas'El, CIB, Plasma, Targetting Array, HW Multi-tracker, two Deathrains, TL MP, TA, and two squads of stealth suits. I feel my Shas'El can put the hurt on marines and termies, while my Deathrains take out transports. My stealths are part of my new plan to douse the enemy with pulse fire.

This army list also has two Pathfinder teams. Just a heads-up.
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Default Re: Crisis Suits The units I never use.

I don't think massing up on crisis suits works any more, unfortunately. However, a few configurations have been proven:

-Twin-linked Missile Pod, Targeting Array

-Twin-linked Fusion Blaster, Targeting Array
[size=7pt]This is best used deep-striking, preferably aided by a Pathfinder Devilfish[/size]

'New' Fireknife
-Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle, Team Leader, HW Multi-Tracker

The other fireknife works okay as well, however these are currently the best configs (IMO) if we disregard special equipment and HQ suits. Burning eye (TL Plasma) has become less popular now than before, since the plasma cost has been increased.

Take a look around the various army lists in the army list board, I have seen a good few interesting new configs there. Especially one list I saw had an interesting approach:

2 Fireknife suits, one team leader: drone controller with 2 shield drones (he could have been given a targeting array as well). This way, the survivability of the unit is greatly increased, without the cost going sky high.

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Default Re: Crisis Suits The units I never use.

Personaly I use as mach Crisis Suits as I can 8)

- Shas'O with Miss.Pod, Shield gen. , Plasma, Mt Tracker and of course Stiulant Inj.
- Shas'el with CIB, Miss. Pod and Mt. Tracker + Shas'vre; Burst, Miss. Pod.
- 2 Crisis with Plasma, Miss. Pod and Mt. Tracker
- 3 Crisis with TL Miss. Pod (+one flamer, one blacksun and one targeting array)
- 1 Shas'vre with Air.Frag.Projector, flamer and shield gen.

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