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Tau Vehicle Upgrades - Sensor Spines?
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Default Tau Vehicle Upgrades - Sensor Spines?

Sensor Spines seemed useless and overpriced, but I got thinking that maybe there is a good use. Skimmers aren't affected by terrain, but if they travel over the terrain, generally everything has LOS to them because it is above the terrain feature. Now with Sensor Spines, the Devilfish is in the terrain, meaning you can travel through the terrain without exposing your vehicle. And with SMS, you can even fire out without exposing yourself.

I think for heavy terrain boards like Cityfight, this is pretty valuable. The rules state that the vehicle counts as moving through terrain, without Dangerous Terrain tests. It sounds like they can go through the wall of a building like a tank to get where they want, without slowing down or the possibility of a penalty. The Obscured Target isn't the reason to get this system, it's to drive through forests and buildings and such to deny LOS to your opponent.

I was wondering if I could add Sensor Spines to my heavily blinged up 'Fish, when I noticed there is no 50 point limit on Vehicle Upgrades anymore.

In my last game, I didn't lose one Devilfish, and they were very effective, taking out several squads, including a squad of Terminators. The standard 'Fish for me is now equipped with Decoy Launchers, Multi-Tracker, Targeting Array, SMS, and now Sensor Spines, for a bloody 50 points of upgrades. And I'd like to make room for the Disruption Pod, too, which looks like a good upgrade for F-O-F tactics. It feels like a lot of points, but a game could concievably consist of SMS fire from behind cover, supported by Railguns at long range. Half the battle is killing the opponent's forces, the other half is not letting him kill yours.

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Default Re: Tau Vehicle Upgrades - Sensor Spines?

sounds like somene has found his niche...I used the same tactics back when I used to play, but I was frustrated with the Dangerous Terrain (course, the rules are there for a reason). I am impressed with the new Fish rules.
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Default Re: Tau Vehicle Upgrades - Sensor Spines?

130-135 points for one devilfish is a lot.

That's as much as/more than I pay for what, is in my opinion a fully kit out Hammerhead with ion cannon. (decoy launchers multi tracker)

But hey, if it works for you (especially in cityfight) go for it.
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Default Re: Tau Vehicle Upgrades - Sensor Spines?

While everyone's tastes may vary as to what they are willing to spend points on, I agree with DW that the sensor spines are a terrific improvement over the last edition.

Depending on the types of boards you play on, sensor spines can be a great way to keep your vehicles from being hit at all from certain angles. Just put the vehicle into terrain such that it's more than 6" in from certain firing units, and you can't be hit.

I played around with Sensor Spines on my Pathfinder Devilfish as a way of ensuring they could load up out of any hard-cover terrain they were in.

As a mech player, yes, I spend a lot on Devilfish, but my style suits me and my movement strategy.

I'm also a huge fan of the Disruption Pod on any Fish with SMS or any Hammerhead, and I'm not altogether ruling out taking Flechette Dischargers on my Fish, too, since they tend to always get assaulted by someone who wants to try to use the assault phase movement as a way to get closer to my Tau lines.

Flechettes are extremely valuable against Nids, who both have weak armor, high move and charge ranges, and poor saves (plus they have the 3" inch rule for their close combat range, meaning more of them have the possibility of getting hit by Flechettes than any other army).
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Default Re: Tau Vehicle Upgrades - Sensor Spines?

I'm starting to see the light of this upgrade...

Lets leave it at the fact I'm wrestling between an 85 point transport or 125 point gunship.
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Default Re: Tau Vehicle Upgrades - Sensor Spines?

Gunship, hands down. Lets break it down shall we?
Alrighty, the SMS costs as much as 2 firewarriors...and gives 2 extra shots, an extra 6" range, and you can fire OVER cover.
The targeting array lets you get BS 4 on all 7 shots, increasing target hits by about one to two shots per round, for half of the cost of one firewarrior.
The disruption pod and the decoy launcher keep this sucker alive longer for the cost of a fire warrior.
In FoF tactics, the Flechette dispenser makes my fish harder to kill against nids, IG with krak, marine players with power fists, ect ect ect... for the cost of one fire warrior.
I dont consider it spending 135 points on 7 str 5 BS 4 shots. I consider it 55 points in upgrading a basic transport into a gunship that is a serious threat to just about anything short of a Landraider or a Leman Russ.

And lets not forget that you can only bring along so many squads in transports before you have a skimmer armada that is impossible to do anything tactical with.
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