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my cursed army need help.
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Default my cursed army need help.

ok second post is they such thing as a cursed army?
i think ive got one always loss or tie or close to winnning.
heres my army

plasma missle pod and sheild gen.

elites 2 crisis. plasma. missle pod* 2. sheild gen burst cannon. *2 fusion gun flamer

12 fws 1 markerlight.
12 kroot 1 shaper.

devil fish *2 seekers.
hammer head railgun of coures (of course str 10 ap1 wep-scott)

human auxarilys
and a mmm gundrones squad 10 drones.
ok is this good i use the drones to support my krroot i hide m broadside behind fws and vheicles blast things my suits are basically support gunners.
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Default Re: my cursed army need help.

OK, you list is all over the place on capabilities, but I don't see much supporting coherency.

HQ...drop the sheild. These guys have the typical fireknife, but without MT you can't fire both the same turn. You need the multi track. You won't need an invulnerable save if you JSJ from behind then back behind cover. If you present no target, you take not lascannon shots. That saves you 10 pts right there.

elites. I can't really make sense of this line since you list far more gear than 2 suits can carry. Best to rely upon the MP. I prefer now to take flamer and TLMP myself, but I use crisis as mobile artillery to support my other units. Some like the fireknife plasma for burning down SM. It is up to you, but BC are fairly worthless on crisis. Again, JSJ is the key to using crisis siuts. Jump out, shoot, jump back behind cover. Enemy get no shots and thus have to move toward you for CC.

12 FW are too many IMO. A unit of 10 will do nicely. Also you can't take ML without a shas'ui. Drop both and bond this unit so it won't run away at 49%.

12 kroot. Leave the shaper at home. he is expensive and confers a worthless armor save to the kroot. better to keep the kroot in cover and let them hold a terrain section.

Guel'a. IMO worthless, but many like them.

BS has no wargear. Give the BS either slow and purposeful, or a drone controller and 2 drones. This being your only heavy, I suggest the drones to keep it alive a turn. They are notorious for being burned down by lascannons in one shot (touble toughness, etc).

Bottom line is you need at least a Hammerhead, 10 more FW, and perhaps a DF. Your army isn't cursed, it is incomplete.

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