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I'm back and I need help!
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Old 04 Apr 2006, 11:26   #1 (permalink)
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Default I'm back and I need help!

hey minor here had some troubles with just about everything over at school.

nice to see you finish final hour wargamer.
ok heres what i need help with...
do you think that ten phirranhas is a bit over kill. im getting stealth team is this advised. and ill tell you all bout my battle later when im home. i must say its nice to be back. ;D
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Default Re: immm bbaaaacccckkk and i need help!

It might indeed be. It depends what you use them for. I've never tried it though... small arms can't deal with Pirannhas. You need at least S5 or Gauss weapons to glance them. Your opponent's anti-tank will be seriously overloaded.

But can't stealth or sunforge suits do that better? Meh, your call. =p
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Default Re: immm bbaaaacccckkk and i need help!

I've always found broadsides do that perfectly from far across the table meainging you wont have to expose them to fire. They are similarily priced and could have more potential.... What are your tactics?

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