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Etherial + Honor Guard = Devilfish?
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Default Etherial + Honor Guard = Devilfish?

Just want to clarify: Etherial can take Honor Guard. Honor Guard is a Firewarrior squad with improved BS, and all other options available ("unit size, weapons and options").

So if you buy 11 honor guards for the Etherial, you can get him a Devilfish to ride around in, yes?

Not that there would be any point, as you couldn't see the Etherial...but it's an option.

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Default Re: Etherial + Honor Guard = Devilfish?

i don't see any reason why you couldn't do that

Think, it's not illegal yet.
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Default Re: Etherial + Honor Guard = Devilfish?

Yes, it is an option. Semi viable to FoF someone with BS4 units, though there are better ways to do this it could be invaluable.
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