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Commander's sprue
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Default Commander's sprue

I'm taking a hopeful guess here, with the new commander, do they give you a normal battlesuit sprue with an additional sprue of commander bits (new heads, guns, support systems, etc.). The reason I ask is that I want to convert a forgeworld model, but fancy some of the new bits to help convert him with missile pods and such.

I'll be going to warhammer world soon and you can normally order a seperate sprue, anyone know anything about this?

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Default Re: Commander's sprue

The commander bits are all metal. So you get a regular crisis suit sprue, and the metal bits. Also, from what I got in the Army Box, there is no transfer sheet, and no drones, like you would get in a regular crisis box.
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Default Re: Commander's sprue

Yeah, I've got the same. Could have used a Maker Drone or similar....
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Default Re: Commander's sprue

Converting a FW with commander upgrades are going to be tricky. Unless you can cut metal, there is not much of a chance to fit the parts into the slots of FW crisis (remembber the slots are different!).
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Default Re: Commander's sprue

yea, normal battlesuit sprue, and a lil box with the metal upgrade bits in it.
not sure if you could convert it though, because i think the slots are different.

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Default Re: Commander's sprue

The new XV-8 Crisis Battlesuit Commander boxed set comes with the normal crisis battlesuit plastic sprue, (no gun drones), and a small case of metal bits, (two heads, two guns, and two upgrades), a total of 7 pieces, (the fragmentation system is two pieces).
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Default Re: Commander's sprue

They removed drones and transfers from the Commander box set? Quite a ripoff. We should be getting them at about the same price then, if we get a few metal bits but lose a few plastic ones.
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