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Changed Kroot?
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Old 03 Apr 2006, 16:40   #1 (permalink)
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Default Changed Kroot?

In the new codex it does not mention either the Mercenaries or Eaters of the dead special rule, does this mean there gone? I'm just looking over the kroot part of the unit section, maybe its elsewhere?
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Default Re: Changed Kroot?

Nope by my knowing it's gone, eathers of the death was fluffy but bad for us and Mercenaries was a good rule (as I would rather have armour then nothing when going to war).


PS: Next time use search it has been discused before (but I seldom use it )

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Default Re: Changed Kroot?

yes, those rules are now not applicable to kroot in tau armies. remember though, that kroot only armies still use their own rules and list etc...

however, kroot are cool now because we dont have to worry about eaters of the dead, plus the hounds and krootox are more than viable choices! not to mention that krootox are way cheaper than ever before!
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Old 03 Apr 2006, 18:25   #4 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Changed Kroot?

Cool. Thanks, and i did use the search engine i guess i just suck at it...
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Default Re: Changed Kroot?

Yeah...kroot just became a viable choice...but only in a maxed out squad...ALL the hunters, all the hounds, and all the biguns that a squad can take, with a sergeant...one unit like that and static tau suddenly become viable. As long as the enemy stays at range, the three kroot guns hammer at heavies or support the dirt-cheap boltgun fire of the hunters. If they decide to assault your lines, the I5 hounds probably hit first, the hunters get taken off as casualties, then the krootox hit nearly as hard as terminators...while the firewarriors sit idly (and safely) by, vexed that the melee is blocking their shooting. But how many enemies will willingly get close to a squad like that? I'm still not buying them, though, I don't have the points to do it right after I'm done adding shadowsun and nine sniper drones to my force.
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Default Re: Changed Kroot?

There is also the problem that kroot generally need to be in cover, and as the squard gets larger...viable cover gets smaller. A squad of 20 kroot sitting in terrain are a big distraction and have some bite too; but if you keep adding to the unit size then how do you keep them all in cover? (not to mention my hate of flamers) Seriously, if there are more ways to keep kroot alive please let me know. On topic: Yes, losing eaters of the dead is good; apparently we are civilizing them a bit. Now to get them to be confortable in carapace armour on a regular basis
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Default Re: Changed Kroot?

We have had some success of a configuration of 10 Kroot (w/shaper) and 8 hounds (still haven't got the rest of our hounds).

It hits very hard if one gets the charge off, and can still shoot respectably, in comparison to other armies.
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