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VDR idea for Pirahnas
Closed Thread
Old 03 Apr 2006, 09:53   #1 (permalink)
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Default VDR idea for Pirahnas

first off - do we still have VDR?
and if so how's this for an idea:

Take a Pirahna, close the top, mount a FB in the nose, 2 seekers underneath, networked markerlights on the wings, and either burst cannons or SMS in the cupolas, and reduce squadron size to 1, letting it choose all the normal gear.

Let's call aaaaaah, I dunno Garfish maybe? I can't think of any other small vicious fishes. ???

whaddyall think?

viable addition?
useless hunk of junk?
big mountain of cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese?

think it'd cost less than an Ionhead? more? about the same?

more evil notions:
shield drones instead of gun drones?
and WHY can't cant you put shield generators on the skimmers?

or how 'bout this: BC in the nose and Marker Drones in the scoops?
VDR your own Tetras, hahahahahahah!!!!

huff, puff . . .

whoa, went over the side there for a second.

I'm feeling much better now.

anyhoo, is my creation genius or joke.

have at it, and let fly your verbal barbs!!

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Default Re: VDR idea for Pirahnas

You essentially have a skyray, except with a fusion blaster instead of 6 seeker missiles. And maybe some Gun Drones here and there.
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Old 03 Apr 2006, 13:06   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: VDR idea for Pirahnas

and with VDR it would cost a LOT of points for what you're getting
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Default Re: VDR idea for Pirahnas

I would rather have had the ability to remove the burst cannon for a frakking missile pod. Same cost as a Fusion Blaster, but actually worth something.
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