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The Tau Star Wars
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Default The Tau Star Wars

With the long wait for the pirahnas, i thought of a nasty tactic. why i was watching starwars i notice something about the the 3 x-wing fighters flying down the trench of the deathstar and i said hey, 3 pirahnas with 2 seeker missles each. I know this tactics is very expensive but i would like to try it sometime is just have 3 pirahnas with seekers zooming 24 inches down the table with markerlights hitting a tank in cover and have those seekers hitting side or rear armor what do you guys think.

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Default Re: The Tau Star Wars

Yup, its a good idea, but nothing new. But don't just filed 3 Piranhas without a specific purpose, first its a lot of pts waisted. Make sure you army reflects your opponent.
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Default Re: The Tau Star Wars

look farther than that too. what do u do after you zoom across the board?
i suggest you pay more for fusions too and do some tanks hunting while your back there

this strat is a huge headache for enemies cause three skimmers are hard to down.

why not even take 2 teams and one pathfinder. equip them with less seekers. your opponent has to immediatly deal with them while your weaker warriors n such plink away the diverted enemy. it's and old stealthsuit strategy upgraded.
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Default Re: The Tau Star Wars

It's nice, if you can get three tanks, which all together cost more than 250 points, which can all be marked... It's a nice strategy, but unless those three tanks are going to smash lots of stuff, don't sacrifice that many points.
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