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1000 point "Illegal" Batrep.
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Default 1000 point "Illegal" Batrep.

Ok, I went down to my local GW for a 1000 points battle (my first). The other guy was planning just to paint and assemble, but those were taken up by the Academy program (man, I wish I had that. Had to learn tactics the hard way) so he played with:

1 Armored Fist squad with plasmagun, Chimaera with 2 Heavy Bolters and Carapace Armor
Command Squad with unkown number of powerfists and a Chimaera
Demolisher Siege Tank with lasscannon and plasma cannons,
Techpriest Enginseer with 2 Servitors
and a Basilisk.

I had:
Shas'el with Multi Tracker, Ion Blaster, and Fusion Blaster
3 Stealth Suits
Crisis Shas'ui Team Leader with TL Plasma Rifle Flamer and HW Multi-Tracker
10 Fire Warriors with 3 Pulse Carbines, Shas'ui with Bonding Knife
10 Fire Warriors with 3 Pulse Carbines, Shas'ui with Bonding Knife
15Kroot with Shaper, Armor Upgrade
8 Gun Drones 8 PathFinders, Shas'ui with Blacksun Filter
Devilfish with 2 Seeker Missles
Broadside with 2 Shield Drones

Terrain: Ruined city, aristrip down the middle.
Deployment: Corner DZ's. The Basilisk was in this corner, behind a large ruined building. His infantry started embarked. The Demolisher was in between the 2 Chimaeras which formed a line afcing the airstrip.
1 FW team was on top of a hill at the dege of my DZ, in front and to the left (my left) of the enemy armor. the PF's were behind that same hill, between it and a bunker about 4-6 inches to the right of the hill. The Drones were on top of the bunker, and the Broadside was right next to it. Hiding behind the bunker was the "Fish. The rest of my army deployed in a mob on te other side of my DZ, hidden from his tanks by a large ruined building. The Kroot infiltrated 18 inches away from his rightmost Chimaera and along the boead edge.

We played Twilight, which had Peliminary Bombardment for both sides.

It was ineffective for him, only killing 3 Fire warriors on the hill squad.
For me, it stunned his Demolisher and killed the Tech-priest's Servitors, as well as wounding the Tech-priest himself.

First turn:
The Chimaeras drove up and unloaded into my hill FW squad. 4 remaind, wo promtly fell back off the board. the Basilisk landed a shell on the bunker wall between the Broadside ad the Drones. the Broadside made ts save and 2 drones died. Another was gunned down when his Cimaera opened its hatch so his Officer could shoot his storm bolter.
My retaliation was bloody. the Broadside stunned the Demolisher, the PFs marked the left Chimaera so the Devilfish could launch 2 Seekers. ! somehow missed, but it was of no consequnce since the other destoyed it. 3 Guardmen died in the explosion. The other Chimara was destoyed when the 5 remaining drones flew up and hit its side armor. 1 Guardsman died and the officer suffered 2 wounds.

Second turn.
The Command squad moved toward the Kroot and prepared to charge. The other squad moved up and killed 3 drones causing them to also fall off the board. The Basilisk landed a shot next to the Kroot. Much to my dismay, he din't guess the range 6 inches shorter and land the shot on his Command squad. Instead, 1 Kroot was caught in the blast and killed. The Command Squad charged. In the following battle, the Kroot hacked all but the Officer apart, while 10 Kroot were killed. Leaving 4 Kroot and the Shaper.
My Broadside again stunned the Demilisher, and the Fish flew up on top of the Bunker, and the PF's muved up on top of the hill. Both fired upon the Guardsmen, killing all but 2. All this time, my flank force had been moving up, taking care not to be seen. This turn, the Stealths id behing the wreck of the right Chimara, while both Crisis suits jumped next to the raging assault, preparing to hit the Demolisher's rear armor. The Kroot quickly killed the Officer before he could retaliate, and moved toward the lone Tech priest.

Rest of the game. (lost count of turns.)
The Broadside failed to do anything to the Demoliser, which, unleashed, mived behind the Chimaera weak, and proceeded to gun down both Suits with las- and Plasma-cannon. The Basilisk lobbed a shell at the more slowly advancing Fire warrior squad, but landed more than 6 inches in front of them. The Pathfinders gunned down the remaining Guardsmen, while the Fish gunned down the Tech priest. The Stealths jumped behind the Demolisher and unloaded 9 S5 shots. Somehow, only 3 hit, despite the stealth team practically shoving the Burstcannon barrel into the darned tank's exhaust pipes. Luckily 1 shot destoryed the tank. Then, the game ended as the store had to close.

All in all, I think this game was largely decided byt the lists. With such numerical superiority, it was quie refreshing to throw away the Fire warriors and drones without it havin any effect on the battle, besides forcing the other guy to waste firepower. I was also surprised by the results, because peaple have been telling me that i needed more anti-tank in the list. Even the fact that I lost both Crisises, most of the Kroot, and the other Firewarrior team to slow movement didn't bother me, since I was able to quckly decimate his army. Ouite a change from the "hoard and protect every single model" approach to a Combat patrol, which I've takem most of my experiance from.

I now hope to get more combat experience as wll as prepare my army of the Third Sphere campaign.
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