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Vespid Equipment
Closed Thread
Old 03 Apr 2006, 00:57   #1 (permalink)
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Default Vespid Equipment

So I started filing away mold lines on my Vespid, and so this is the first time I've had a really good close look at them. Now for those of you lucky (or rich) enough to posses some of these minis.. have a look at them.

What do you suppose that little thing hanging from their belt is? every model has one, but not in the same spot, lending to believe its some sort of equipment.... so why, do you think... does it look like a Tyranid Ripper curled up like a hand grenade??

;D Sure, I know its just equipment, like a canteen or so, but the armadillo scaling of that particular gizmo is a little different from the spikey seashell carapace of the Vespid, and a lot more, as I said, Tyranid ripper looking.....

not a truly serious post, just wondering everyone elses opinion of what maybe it could be. Personally, Id get a kick out of "Hibernating Ripper Hand Grenades".. just poke it right 'here', and for gawds sake throw it quick!! ;D
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Default Re: Vespid Equipment

;DOlol. I can imagine it, the Marine seargent is like "Avenge our brothers! Chaaaarge!!" and then a Ripper hits him in the face... Oww.

"If about to be assulted, Vespids throw things at the enemy, like a stone or an enraged Ripper"

Oooh. That's sig-worthy.
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Default Re: Vespid Equipment

well...when a daddy vespid loves a mummy vespid...hehehehe
genetals maybe. hehehe
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Default Re: Vespid Equipment

It's a Gameboy, hands down.
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Default Re: Vespid Equipment

Vespid = Wasp
Tyranids = Bug

Allies? I think the question should be why not! I mean, "borrowing" some rippers is ok if it serves the Tau'v... oops, Emper... oops, C'ta... Hivemi... Warbo... damn, who do we follow? Cheese is our leader![size=1pt][/sarcasm][/size]
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Vespid Equipment

i agree with Tyrehire game boy all the way lol ;D
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Default Re: Vespid Equipment

They have pants? Wherer is thwe belt?

Can't see it.
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Old 03 Apr 2006, 17:06   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Vespid Equipment

I know what it is.......................... it's there new PSP :P
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Default Re: Vespid Equipment

Why oh why can't Vespid take photon grenades? This would be handy as they will almost always be assaulted after they shoot.

As for what it is ... His baby, his wife told him to take him some where ... so he did >


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Old 03 Apr 2006, 17:56   #10 (permalink)
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Default Re: Vespid Equipment

no no no, the trick with vespids is to actually charge after you shoot. if you are lucky you will hold out in teh combat, if not, then you will run. If you can hold out, then you will run in teh opponents turn...

but you do want to run... that way you can fall back away from teh enemy... 3D6" over and past terrain before regrouping and then coming back at the enemy for a second go! this works really well once you field 8/9 models and also have an ethereal on the board!

try it out... it takes some getting used to... but once you have the knack for it, you will own!

oh, and as for the gribbly thing...

its an alien mars bar
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